Our Studium

What is a studium?

You may often hear Dominican friars say "studium" or "studentate." It is a name commonly used among Dominicans for what today is called a "center of institutional studies." In such a center of institutional studies, Dominican professors and Dominican student brothers form an academic community in which lay men and women may also participate, where all students acquire the theological and ministerial competence for a successful life of preaching, teaching, and service to the Church.  A center of studies in the Dominican order strives always to attain that goal that has been ours since the beginning: to preach in word and deed all that will be useful for the salvation of ourselves and our neighbor.

Why study theology with Dominican friars?

The students of Aquinas Institute are provided a unique opportunity to participate in a rich and vital 800-year old intellectual tradition that formed such luminaries as St. Albert the Great, St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Catherine of Siena, all of whom are doctors of the Church. They learn how St. Thomas and other great Dominican theologians  have contributed to the Church's intellectual tradition, and how they continue to assist the Church in its ongoing conversation with culture, science and contemporary religious thought. in this setting, our Dominican student brothers form a dynamic community with lay men and women; religious sisters and brothers; and priests and other ministers.  With their professors they listen, teach and learn from one another how the Word of God can be proclaimed and heard by the men and women of our time. 



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