Executive Master of Arts in Health Care Mission

Program Overview

Catholic health care in the 21st century needs leaders who understand and embody the deepest meaning of the healing ministry of Jesus – leaders who can ensure the future vitality and integrity of health care as a mission of the Church. The Executive Master of Arts in Health Care Mission (EMAHCM) exists to prepare such leaders for this critical mission. Through 36 credit hours of integrated theological coursework and leadership and spiritual formation, the program prepares future leaders who not only grasp the complexities of health care but also have a sound knowledge of the Church’s theological tradition. Graduates of the program are the transformative leaders who can communicate that tradition and influence the future of faith–based health care.

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Program Details

Leadership & Formation Experience

Aquinas’ EMAHCM combines three critical dimensions of ministry formation: theology, spirituality and leadership. Beyond theological competency, this program challenges students to integrate mind, heart and behaviors by offering regular opportunities for integral formation situated in the critical questions facing the healing ministry today.

Career Opportunities

The EMAHCM program is recommended for those who serve or plan to serve in leadership positions in the field of Catholic health care and desire to guide their organization according to the mission and tradition of the Catholic faith. Applicants for the EMAHCM program must possess some experience in the health care field.

The EMAHCM degree prepares students to better serve in a variety of leadership positions in Catholic health care organizations, including Chief Executive Officers, Vice Presidents for Mission Integration, Directors of Formation, and Managers of Pastoral Care.

Critical Skills for Today’s Health Care Leaders

The EMAHCM program provides health care leaders with the critical skills needed in today’s changing health care environment.

  • A strong foundation in the Catholic theological tradition particularly as it relates to the healing ministry of Jesus;
  • The courage to identify and implement organizational activities that sustain and nurture Catholic identity while working to bring about systemic change;
  • The knowledge and skills to help Catholic health ministry to think theologically about its future;
  • The capacity to grapple with complex ethical, legal, organizational and policy issues in light of the Catholic theological tradition;
  • The personal and spiritual maturity needed to cultivate "executive presence" and to serve as an effective ministry leader in Catholic health care.

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