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Dual Master of Arts in Theology and Master of Divinity

Program Overview

The dual Master of Arts in Theology (MA) and Master of Divinity (MDiv) at Aquinas Institute of Theology maintains the distinctive character and orientation of both the MA and MDiv degrees, while simultaneously allowing for greater integration of the research or professional elements of each. The dual degree requires an additional 18 credit hours of elective coursework (beyond the 81 required credit hours for the MDiv), a comprehensive examination, proficiency in a foreign language, and a Master’s thesis. 

The dual MA/MDiv offers students the unique opportunity for preaching by studying theology with our Dominican brothers and other members of the Dominican family.  Additionally, a number of supervised ministry experiences allows students to explore a wide variety of future ministries. These field opportunities provide students with concrete skills and experience, further preparing them for future service to the Church through academic work or pastoral ministry.


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Program Details

Ministry Experience

Students seeking the dual MA/MDiv degrees have three opportunities to engage in field education: Supervised Practice of Ministry (SPM) I and II, as well as a Basic Unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at an ACPE Certified Institution. The field education curriculum at Aquinas Institute assists student in developing a pastoral leadership style that is marked by effectiveness, service, integration, and a special commitment to the ministry of the Word.


Language Requirement, Comprehensive Exam, and Thesis

Students pursuing the  dual MA/MDiv degrees must demonstrate reading competency in a foreign language, either classical or modern, by the time of graduation.

At the end of their course of study, students must successfully complete a written comprehensive exam. To this end, students must demonstrate their scholarly competence to engage reflectively and critically across the disciplines of theology.
Students must also engage in independent research leading to an academic thesis approved for presentation to the Aquinas community.. Assisted by a faculty member, students select and research a topic of personal interest that culminates in an original piece of scholarly research suitable for publication. 



Ministry Opportunities

The dual MA/MDiv degree prepares students to excel in a variety of ministerial positions. These include serving as a high school and college campus minister, a parish life coordinator, a director of religious education, a hospital chaplain, and a theology teacher.

With the MA degree, our students have gone on for further theological study in prestigious PhD programs at schools in the United States and Europe. Some have used the theological expertise gained from completing the MA degree to pursue opportunities in professional fields such as health care, law, and business.



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