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Dual Master of Arts in Theology and PhD in Health Care Ethics

Program Overview

The dual Master of Arts in Theology and PhD in Health Care Ethics (MA/PhD) program, offered by Aquinas Institute of Theology and the Albert Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics at Saint Louis University, allows students to complete both degrees in 75 credit hours instead of the 96 credit hours necessary to complete both degrees independently.

The dual track of rigorous coursework provides students with the opportunity to gain a solid, academic foundation in theology and an interdisciplinary curriculum in health care ethics. Students in the MA/PhD program are exposed to the major theological disciplines, including biblical studies, systematic theology,  and historical theology, with a particular focus on ethics and moral theology.

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Program Details

Cumulative Learning Experience

At the end of their MA course of study, students must successfully complete a written comprehensive exam and major paper. To this end, students are to demonstrate their scholarly competency to engage reflectively and critically across the disciplines of theology.

In the PhD program, students are to successfully complete comprehensive exams after finishing all coursework and practica. They then work closely with their dissertation chair in selecting a dissertation topic and submitting a dissertation proposal. Students have two options for fulfilling the dissertation requirement, either a traditional dissertation or a non-traditional research project, consisting of three article-length manuscripts, two of which must be accepted for publication.

Ministry Opportunities

Graduates of the dual MA in Theology/PhD in Health Care Ethics are prepared to work as ethicists in clinical, institutional, or system settings in Catholic and non-Catholic health care. Graduates are also equipped for careers that call for teaching and research in either an academic or corporate context.

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