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Graduate Certificate of Spiritual Direction

Program Overview

Grounded in the tradition of Christian spirituality, the Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction prepares individuals to serve as spiritual directors. Graduates guide others to attend and respond to the presence of God in their lives, to develop faithful relationships with others, and to grow in authentic Christian maturity. The program does not identify with any one style of direction but draws on the best practices of various spiritual traditions within the Christian faith.

The 18 credit hour program combines 12 credit hours of graduate, academic theological coursework and six credit hours of supervised practicum experiences. Designed for those engaged in full–time work or ministry, classes may be taken on campus or online. In the supervised practicum, students engage in the practice of spiritual direction and are provided experienced supervision that stimulates growth in their own spirituality and in their ability to provide spiritual direction.

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Program Details

Supervised Practicum

The supervised practicum experience enables students to explore spiritual direction from the standpoint of theory, as well as to acquire the practical skills necessary for assisting others successfully. During practica, students work with their own directees for a nine–month practice of spiritual direction.

Practicums I and IV require students to attend a five–day intensive in St. Louis in June. At these on-site intensives, students learn with a group of peers to assess their growth in the program with an experienced faculty member.

Ministry Opportunities

Equipped with the theological background and practical skills necessary, graduates of the Certificate in Spiritual Direction are ready to serve as spiritual directors who accompany those seeking guidance on their spiritual journey. The certificate is not a license to practice spiritual direction but is evidence of training in this area.

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