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Graduate Certificate in Thomistic Studies

Program Overview

The Graduate Certificate in Thomistic Studies immerses students in the study of the life, thought, and works of St. Thomas Aquinas, the patron saint of Aquinas Institute of Theology. The 18 credit-hour certificate is designed to present students  with an in-depth study of the thought of St. Thomas while offering them the opportunity to discover the relevance of his teaching for the modern world.

St. Thomas’ synthesis of theology offers an ordered and comprehensive vision of the Catholic faith that enables students to think about theological questions both analytically and systematically. In learning to address questions through the process of dialectic that St. Thomas used, students learn to assess the strengths and weaknesses of different theological positions, to make distinctions, and to articulate their own theological understanding.


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Ministry Opportunities

Graduates of the Certificate are better equipped to serve as spiritual directors, religion and faith formation leaders, teachers and catechists, retreat directors, and preachers.

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