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Student Resources

Through Aquinas Institute

In addition to the support provided by our faculty and staff, students have access to a variety of resources within our own building. 

Aquinas Chapel

The Aquinas Chapel is both the core of our building and the core of our community. This large worship space hosts multiple liturgies each week and is available for individual prayer before and after classes. As a fully functioning event space with livestream capabilities, the Aquinas Chapel also serves as a major space for evangelization in St. Louis and beyond. 

Aquinas Library

The Aquinas Library is a dedicated study space for our students. As opposed to the more public and collaborative energy of the Ascension Commons, the library is a a great place for individual or quiet study. The library is home to a large number of philosophical and theological texts, though over 40,000 of our volumes were given to the Pius XII Memorial Library following our move to St. Louis from Aquinas Institute's original location in Dubuque, Iowa. Students have access to these texts through SLU. The majority of books in our onsite collection are a part of our extensive Dominicana collection, focusing on Dominican history, spirituality, and tradition. 

Blessed Sacrament Chapel

The Blessed Sacrament Chapel is a space for individual prayer. Home to our tabernacle, a visit to the chapel is a wonderful way for our students to encounter Christ during their regular routines of work and study. The space can also be reserved for spiritual direction by contacting the front desk. Students interested in receiving spiritual direction should contact Dr. Hsin-Hsin Huang, the Director of the Spiritual Direction program, for a referral.

Desktops & Printing Facilities

Students have access to over 10 desktop computers and two printers. Students are welcome to use these resources as needed to complete school assignments and to fulfill their responsibilities as workstudy employees. If students need guidance about how to access computers or printers, they are welcome to contact the Office of Student Services for assistance. 

Through Saint Louis University

Situated adjacent to the large and beautiful campus of Saint Louis University, students at Aquinas have access to all the resources of a large Jesuit research university. 

Simon Recreation Center

Our Dominican tradition calls for us to integrate our study, prayer, and care for our selves. Students are encouraged to use the Simon Recreation Center as a means of doing just that. With 120,000 square feet of activity, the options are endless. Simon Rec features six indoor basketball courts, four racquetball/handball courts, a bouldering wall, fitness center, spinning studio and indoor pool. 

Cross Registration at SLU

Choices for academic courses are not limited to the Aquinas schedule of classes. With permission from their advisor, students may cross register in classes at Saint Louis University, often in the Department of Theological Studies or Department of Philosophy, 

University Counseling Center

The experienced counseling professionals at the University Counseling Center provide care and consultation to students. Their staff members are highly trained clinicians who can assist with a variety of issues, such as adjustment to college life, troubling changes in mood, and chronic psychological conditions.  

Pius XII Memorial Library

The libraries of Saint Louis University constitute an extraordinary resource for Aquinas Institute students. The theological and philosophical collections available at Pius XII are considered some of the best in North America, and the reference librarians on staff are an invaluable resource for Aquinas students as they pursue their graduate studies.

University Writing Services

Writing at the graduate level requires a great amount of work, but students do not have to do it alone. The staff at University Writing Services can assist students at any stage in the writing process. They offer a range of resources to help students meet the elevated expectations of graduate writing including online resources and consultations. 

Student Health Center

Whether it is a sore throat or feeling stressed and worn down, the Student Health Center is here to help. The trained professionals at the Center offer students a variety of services and can provide referrals as needed.

Career Services

The friendly staff of Career Services can help students prepare resumes and practice job interviewing skills for Supervised Practice of Ministry, Clinical Pastoral Education, careers, or further study.