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Four Pillars of the Dominican Tradition

Aquinas Institute is proud to be sponsored by the Province of St. Albert the Great, working in collaboration with the Province of St. Martin de Porres. This rooting in the Dominican family enables our students to immerse themselves in the four pillars of Dominican life during their studies.


Every Tuesday our faculty, staff, and student body gather to worship together and celebrate The Eucharist. This mass provides a communal space to retreat from the busy nature of work and study and return to the core of our Catholic Faith, Jesus Christ.

Additionally, the Congregation of the Mission-Western Province, our downstairs neighbors, celebrate Mass on Wednesdays. The Aquinas Community is always welcome to attend.

Our building is home to two chapels – The Aquinas Chapel, for communal worship, and our Blessed Sacrament Chapel, for individual prayer and spiritual direction (insert link for directors). Students often stop by either chapel before and after classes punctuating their day with prayer.

Finally, students are welcome and encouraged to attend daily mass and prayer (lauds) or evening prayer (vespers) with the Dominican community at St. Dominic Priory located a mile from campus.

Two Aquinas students studying in the library


Aquinas Institute strives to foster an intentional, faith-based community through the events and liturgies organized by our Student Services Committee. Graduate school is at times demanding, and one of the greatest benefits of our small, close knit community is that there is always someone ready to lend a hand, or study guide when needed.

There is nothing on this Earth more to be prized than true friendship. -- Saint Thomas of Aquinas


As an academic institution, study is at the core of our daily life. In Dominican Spirituality, study informs prayer and prayer leads back to study. As you discover more about the person of God, who you encounter in prayer, it is only natural to seek out the wisdom of the Church.


At Aquinas Institute, we place our theological study at the service of Preaching. Preaching is not merely confined to a few minutes from our chapel pulpit; but is an expression of our shared life, in Jesus Christ through word and deed. Aquinas students, both lay and religious, are encouraged and supported in discovering new ways to preach in their personal ministries and communities.

Student giving a presentation in classroom