Aquinas Professor Ann Garrido Publishes New Book

Associate Professor of Homiletics, Ann Garrido, DMin recently published her book #Rules_of_Engagement: 8 Christian Habits for Being Good and Doing Good Online. In her new book, Garrido shares eight practical habits that will help you align your activity in the digital world with the call of the Gospel to be Christ's presence in the world. 

"For me, this is part of a larger way that we practice our Dominican commitment to truth in daily life. Since social media is where so many of our conversations are happening nowadays and these platforms are shaping our world in such profound ways, we need to think about how we practice our faith when online" says Ann Garrido, DMin. "I'm not talking about how we talk explicitly about our faith online, but rather how people can 'know we are Christians' (as the old hymn goes) by the way we show our commitment to love and truth in all our interactions on social media"

In her previous book Let's Talk About Truth, Ave Maria Press, 2020 Professor Garrido explored the ways we talk about truth in the pulpit. Seeing as so much of daily life is now going on social media, she adapted the content for the everyday "person in the pew... who is also on Facebook." 

To learn more about Ann Garrido's book and to purchase it from Amazon visit this link.