A Special Feast Day to Celebrate!

The Feast Day of

St. Dominic de Guzman

August 8, 2022


Founder of the Order of Preachers (also known as the Dominicans or Black Friars)

Patron Saint of Astronomers, the Dominican Republic, innocents falsely accused of crimes



St. Dominic was born on August 8, 1170 in Caleruega, Spain (present-day Castile-Leon). He grew up in a noble and religious family.


Ordained at the age of 24, he joined the canonry of Osma and traveled with Bishop Diego of Osma on a diplomatic mission to Denmark. At  the time, the heresy of Albigensianism was flourishing, especially in the southern French area of Toulouse. Pope Innocent III asked the duo to preach against the heresy. Because of their austerity and the strength of their preaching, they were able to win back many believers.


In 1206, he established a convent at Prouille, which still exists as the Notre-Dame-de-Prouille Monastery. It is known as the "cradle of the Dominicans."


Dominic knew education was critical to stop the spread of heresy, and his order, emphasizing strict discipline, austerity, prayer and penance was confirmed on December 22, 1216. In 1217, Pope Honorius III dubbed Dominic and his followers "The Order of Preachers."


St. Dominic died on August 6, 1221, in Bologna, Italy. He was canonized on July 13, 1234 by Pope Gregory IX.