fr. Adrian McCaffery O.P.

Br. Adrian is a Dominican student brother currently studying at Aquinas.  Click here to learn about him and his discernment to the Dominicans.

Born in South Bend, Indiana, to a family with a Notre Dame legacy, Br. Adrian made his own way (much to his family’s initial shock) and declined his admittance to Notre Dame to attend a diocesean seminary. It was during that initial period of study and discernment that Br. Adrian met Fr. Fabian a, Dominican friar, who was serving as teacher and priest in Winona, Minnesota. That encounter stayed with Br. Adrian as he discerned out of the diocesan seminary and attended Catholic University of America (CUA). After completing his undergraduate studies, he entered the Dominican novitiate for a short time but wasn’t yet ready to make a long-term commitment and left to pursue a graduate degree in classical languages. Upon completion of his graduate studies, he still felt called to the Dominican way of life and re-entered the Order. 

When asked about how Aquinas has helped form him as a preacher, Br. Adrian spoke of having developed a ‘boldness’ in his encounters with ‘the other’ which has grown from being better equipped to interact with those who do not believe in the same way as he does. He feels that it is the job of the Dominicans (and also very Thomistic) to give someone the benefit of the doubt and to give credence and thoughtfulness to their arguments, whether or not they believe the same thing that you do. Br. Adrian also feels that his study has given him a better ability to discern and read different contexts — something that is essential to preaching. Br. Adrian speaks of preaching as “manuduction,” that is, bringing someone along and guiding them by the hand, as exemplified by St. Dominic. 

Currently, Br. Adrian is teaching Latin at Saint Louis University. In the Spring, he will also begin working at a local parish. When he is not preaching, teaching, or studying, Br. Adrian likes watching movies and tv with the community (he is anxiously awaiting season three of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) or traveling. 

An avid reader, Br. Adrian’s favorite reading topic is Icelandic Sagas. If Icelandic Sagas are not your cup of tea, he also suggests Muriel Sparks. Sparks was a Catholic and Scottish author whom Br. Adrian considers his ‘spiritual mother.’ 

Br. Adrian is concurrently working on his Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Theology at Aquinas and his Ph.D. in Philosophy at Saint Louis University. In May 2021, Br. Adrian will be ordained to the priesthood and in May 2022, he will defend his thesis and receive his Ph.D. In the future, Br. Adrian hopes to be able to return to Aquinas to teach.