Welcome Jess Adams

The Aquinas community is excited to welcome our new Enrollment Management Coordinator Jess Adams. Jess graduated from Aquinas Institute of Theology in 2013, earning the dual Masters of Social Work and MAPS degree. Jess recounts how her experience at Aquinas came at an extremely crucial time in her life. “The education I received, but also the personal and spiritual formation were very critical in helping me grow into a new season of life. At Aquinas I really learned how to live into my own life and how to truly be myself.”

After graduating from Aquinas Institute Jess spearheaded a very successful start-up nonprofit in St. Louis and continued to oversee its operations until April 2020.  Nevertheless, Jess continued to reflect back on her time and experience at Aquinas.  Now as the Enrollment Management Coordinator, Jess is focusing on building enrollment management infrastructure, strategic recruitment and marketing, and student services.

Jess’ hopes to create community and atmosphere of togetherness by highlighting the gifts that the Dominican Mission can bring. The Aquinas Community is extremely grateful to have Jess as the new Enrollment Management Coordinator.