Sr. Juliet RCSJ: Theology for the Sake of Ministry

Sr. Juliet Mousseau, PhD, Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, inspires theology students by fostering a worldly interest and giving them the means to explore theology through the eyes of the Catholic Church’s history.

“There is a purpose to what you learn,” says Sr. Juliet. “How we act and exist in the world teaches the people around us and so it’s important that we pay attention to our actions.”

Raised in Montana, Sr. Juliet began her theological journey as an undergraduate at Gonzaga University, where she became enthralled by theology. As her curiosity grew, she enrolled at Saint Louis University’s Master of Arts in historical theology  and then continued studying in order to earn a PhD in historical theology with a focus in medieval studies.

Sr. Juliet focused her studies on medieval pedagogy of the school of Saint Victor in Paris, which emphasizes a broad education that brings one closer to God. After finishing her studies at Saint Louis University, Sr. Juliet began her formation with the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She made her final profession of vows in January 2020.

As a professor of church history at Aquinas, Sr. Juliet will be teaching Church History II and US Catholic History this spring. She also serves as the director of the Master of Arts in Theology program.

“One of the things I really appreciate about teaching at Aquinas is being able to bring together the academic side of theology and the pastoral side” she says. “What we study here has an impact on how we minister in the church.”