Recently Published book by Aquinas Alumnus

Doctorate of Ministry in Preaching 2019 Graduate Benjamin Roberts recently published his book "The Voice of the Bridgeroom: Preaching as an Expression of Spousal Love.

This book explores the relationship between the preacher and the assembly as a spousal relationship. Benjamin Roberts is a parish pastor with a doctorate in preaching. Rooted in the Roman Catholic notion of the priest as bridegroom of the church, this work examines characteristics of the spousal relationship between husband and wife and then provides an analysis of the ministerial priesthood through this nuptial lens.

This nuptial reflection on the ministerial priesthood is then applied to preaching. This book presents a nuptial hermeneutic or vision for preaching and the implications of this vision for the assembly, the preacher, the homily, and the homiletical method. The appendices include a one-page strategy for preaching summarizing the homiletical method, a rubric for homily evaluation by members of the assembly, and two sample homilies.

To learn more about this book or to purchase visit this link!