Recently Published book by Aquinas Alumna

Congratulations to DMin in Preaching 2018 graduate Martha Brune Rapp on the publication of her first book, a novella based on the academic research of her DMin thesis project: Conversations with Benjamin, a Spirituality of Preaching that Heals

"Have you ever felt that the tools and techniques you mastered in preaching class are failing you? Disheartened by the boredom and scowls of people in the pews whenever you preach? Convinced that God does not want you to preach? Wondered whether you have any business in a ministry centered around preaching? If so, you are invited to eavesdrop on eight conversations between Benjamin, a priest who is considering leaving ministry because of the weight of preaching, and Sophia, a wisdom figure who helps him develop the one missing component--an overarching spirituality of preaching that offers God's healing love to a wounded and suffering world. Written in an easy-to-read novella format and drawing from interviews with dozens of preachers, Conversations brings together preaching best practices, the Gospels, human anthropology, spirituality, communication, and more."

The book is available to purchase on Amazon with this link!