Meet Aquinas Scholar Peter Swindeman

Aquinas Scholar Peter Swindeman aims to combine science and theology in his future career.

“There are many ways to ask and answer the question‘why?’ When someone asks, ’why did the Cincinnati Reds beat the Cardinals,’you can answer, ’because Joey Votto hit a homerun in the 12th inning‘ or ’because they wanted that win,’” says Swindeman.  “For science there are frequently mechanistic answers. For theology, there are answers of purpose and meaning.”

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Peter received a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and theology from Purdue University and Marian University’s joint program. At the Aquinas Institute of Theology, he is working toward a Master of Arts in Theology.

Peter was drawn to Aquinas Institute because of its focus in Thomistic studies and reputation in health care ministry. He is interested in pursuing a PhD in healthcare ethics after the graduates from Aquinas.

 “As a healthcare ethicist, I hope to accompany people responding to God’s purposes, grace, and the limits of justice and charity.” he says. “Medical science tells us what can be done; Theology is indispensable because it helps evaluate what should be done.”

The Aquinas Scholar Award is a merit-based award that provides multiple full-tuition scholarships including a housing stipend, a book award, and work-study opportunities for full-time, residential students in select master’s programs.