Graduate Spotlight: Anthony Koffman Bridging the Gap between Profession and Faith

Graduate Spotlight: Anthony Koffman Bridging the Gap between Profession and Faith

Anthony Koffman graduates from Aquinas Institute of Theology this May, with a Master of Arts in Health Care Mission to better serve the BayCare Health System in Clearwater, Florida.

Anthony’s experiences at Aquinas provided him with different perspectives to augment the ways in which he serves his community.

“My time at Aquinas enabled my perspective to be two-fold. I was able to further understand and integrate my personal identity, with all of its gifts, talents, and experiences with service to others, especially to my organization and the care we provide to our patients, physicians, and team members,” he says.

In September 2021, Anthony began working for BayCare Health System as a regional director of mission and ethics for five community hospitals.

“One of the most rewarding parts of my job is to experience how the various relationships formed by different stakeholders (patients, providers, team members, business and community members) are instrumental in providing our local communities with high-quality, compassionate care,” he says.

Through his work, Anthony recognized the importance of celebrating the diversity of motivation and opinion in the pursuit of achieving common objectives in providing health care.

“My learning challenged me to further integrate my personal, professional, and spiritual lives instead of keeping them compartmentalized; recognizing the importance of being in addition to doing,” he says.

Part of the worldwide Order of Preachers, Aquinas Institute of Theology is a Catholic, Dominican-sponsored graduate school of theology offering multiple graduate degree and certificate programs on its campus in Midtown St. Louis, MO.