Commencement Spotlight, Sr. Hong Nguyen

Sr. Hong Nguyen graduates from Aquinas Institute of Theology this Friday with a Master of Arts in Theology. Originally from Dong Nai, Vietnam, Sr. Hong entered ministerial work to fulfill a higher calling.

“The experience of studying theology at Divine Word College (Epworth, Iowa) inspired me to pursue pastoral study, which integrates both theology and pastoral ministry,” she said. “Deepening theology and applying theology in ministry was my hope for Aquinas. I think that Aquinas brought my hope to reality and set a sound foundation for my education.”

A member of the Lovers of the Holy Cross of Thu Duc Congregation, Sr. Hong hopes to serve as a formator for postulants.

“I journey with candidates as a spiritual companion,” she said. “I have principles that I draw from that I learned at Aquinas, and then I make them applicable to my ministry and culture.”

During her time at Aquinas, Sr. Hong ministered to elderly sisters of her congregation and hopes to continue that ministry in her community.

“I can learn a lot from the experiences with the sisters whom I served to live my religious life more fully,” said Sr. Hong.