Aquinas Spotlight - Br. Jordan DeGuire, OP

When it comes to his prayer life and time of studies, Brother Jordan DeGuire, OP sees a dynamic connection between the two.

“I go to class and learn about the Trinity, then I go home and join my brothers in praying to the Trinity,” Jordan says.

Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Jordan grew up in a predominantly Catholic household, and received a Catholic education through high school. Jordan’s genuine search for understanding his faith brought him to the Newman Center at the University of Wisconsin; here, Jordan learned to have a more intimate relationship with Jesus. The Dominicans near campus further inspired him to join the Order, and brought him to become a student at Aquinas Institute as part of his formation.

St. Thomas Aquinas, the great Dominican theologian and patron of the Institute, has been a particular influence and model for his faith and intellectual life. In studying the saint, Brother Jordan sees in Thomas, “a way to integrate all the things we talk about…he’s able to bring everything together and show it relates to everything else,” he says.

Being in the Dominican Order is a beautiful thing for Jordan, as he gets to grow in faith and understanding in the time he spends with his professors and colleagues in community. And working in the classroom with the lay students has also opened his horizons to the experiences of the living Church.

“As I study and learn more about God and his creation, hopefully that is influencing my prayer and how I’m approaching God, how I’m approaching God’s creation, and then that experience of praying to the Lord, being at Mass, at the Liturgy of the Hours, serving the poor, can then come back and hopefully shed some light on what I’m studying,” he says.

In his fourth year of studies, Brother Jordan is excited to learn more as a student here and use his studies to further learn and share with others the richness and privilege of the liturgical life in the Church.