Aquinas Spotlight: Bob Hoffman Reflects on his Hospice Care Ministry

Aquinas Spotlight: Bob Hoffman Reflects on his Hospice Care Ministry

Bob Hoffman graduates from Aquinas Institute of Theology this May, with a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies, and the skills necessary to augment his current ministry in spiritual direction.   

“I love learning more about how we humans relate to God, to each other, and to ourselves. Where does God fit into this world of ours and into our lives? It is fascinating to learn and to relate to other students and professors in this faith space,” he says.

Bob’s faith journey and education at Aquinas have gone hand in hand during his time here.

“I have been at Aquinas for 6 1/2 years. My life is very different in many ways since I began at Aquinas, and Aquinas was certainly a part of those changes and the changes to my spirituality and how I relate to the world and to God,” he says.

As part of his practicum experience, Bob worked at Bethesda Health Care with the hospice care group visiting individuals in hospice, as well as doing grief support work with the surviving family members.

“Working so closely with death and the journey from this life to the next, has forced me to look very closely at my theology surrounding death and resurrection," he says. "It is amazing the ways we as humans remember and reflect on our human lives as we ready ourselves for the next.”

Part of the worldwide Order of Preachers, Aquinas Institute of Theology is a Catholic, Dominican-sponsored graduate school of theology offering multiple graduate degree and certificate programs on its campus in Midtown St. Louis, MO.