At Aquinas Institute students participate in a wide variety of intellectual, spiritual, and social activities. Our events help us to reach out to the community in St. Louis and beyond, enabling us to contribute to the faith lives of men and women by preaching in word and deed.

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February 2020
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Liturgical Composers Concert
Mercy Center Chapel
Fri, Jan 31
Sat, Feb 1
Sun, Feb 2
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Cura Personalis: Grief & Loss
Jesuit Hall, Saint Louis University
Thu, Feb 20
Fri, Feb 21
Sat, Feb 22
Sun, Feb 23
Mon, Feb 24
Tue, Feb 25
Wed, Feb 26
Thu, Feb 27
Fri, Feb 28
Sat, Feb 29

The Great Preacher Award 

The Great Preacher Award

Aquinas Institute of Theology established the Great Preacher Award in 1995. The award is presented to an outstanding preacher whose pastoral leadership has made an impact on the Church and society by preaching the Word of God.



The Aquinas Lecture 

The Aquinas Lecture Series

To celebrate the feast day of our patron, St. Thomas Aquinas, each January
Aquinas Institute  invites a leading scholar to make an academic presentation to honor the work of this great Dominican theologian and Doctor of the Church. 



The Montesinos Lecture

The Montesinos Lecture Series

The Montesinos Lecture is named for Antonio de Montesinos, O.P., a sixteenth century Dominican friar who preached against the injustice and exploitation of the indigenous people in the modern day Dominican Republic. His preaching led to the conversion of Bartolomé de las Casas, O.P., and to a new understanding of human rights at the University of Salamanca.