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All Things Dominican

Since the earliest days of the Order of Preachers more than eight hundred years ago, lay men and women have been active and contributing members of the Order, including many notable Dominicans like Catherine of Siena, Rose of Lima, and Martin de Porres. Today, there are at least two thousand lay Dominicans in the United States and several thousand others throughout the English-speaking world. These men and women share in the Dominican mission of preaching, while they live their Dominican vocation as lay persons, often with spouses and children of their own. Their participation in the broader culture makes them key agents in the Church's mission to evangelize. An ongoing challenge, however, is that these lay Dominicans often have quite limited access to education and formation about the Dominican tradition.

To respond to this need, the Center will offer the "All Things Dominican" opportunity, online, non-credit certificate program.  Its primary purpose will be to provide education and formation to vowed members of the Dominican family, especially the Dominican laity, but not excluding Dominican cloistered nuns and active sisters, many of whom do not have access to formal academic and formation opportunities for a variety of reasons: insufficient time, financial constraints, and lack of teachers.

As we continue to develop a unique set of courses that jointly highlights our Dominican heritage, and uplifts the Dominican charism, we invite you to check back soon for updated information!