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Graduate Certificate in Health Care Mission

Theological Depth and Spiritual Maturity for Healing Ministry

Housed within the Ashley-O'Rourke Center for Health Ministry Leadership, this online, five-course Certificate in Health Care Mission prepares current and future professionals to foster strategic and collaborative thinking in their organizations so as to ensure faithfulness to their purpose, identity and values. 

Students in this program integrate their knowledge of Catholic theology with concrete organizational management skills that promote effective communication and successful business operations. Drawing deeply from the Dominican tradition of study and contemplation and the Church's rich social justice tradition, our program supports students as they cultivate their own spiritual and intellectual growth along with building a strong foundation in organizational and clinical ethics. 

The Certificate can be earned through a stand-alone program, with either an audit or for-credit option. In five, eight-week courses, students engage the major areas of theological study. Through a close reading of texts, theological reflection, collaboration, and dialogue, students in the Certificate program develop the ability to grapple with the unique theological, ethical, and organizational challenges arising in Catholic health care today.

When taken for credit, the Certificate can be used as a foundation for students who want to complete the Master of Arts in Practical Theology with a Specialization in Health Care Mission.

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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to Catholic health care mission, but the need for comprehensive formation is greater now than ever. The Catholic health care leaders of the future are those who have learned to integrate the ecclesiological, biblical, and ethical dimensions of their vocations. These are the guiding principles of our graduate Certificate.

-Dr. Stewart Clem, Director, Ashley-O'Rourke Center for Health Ministry Leadership


Program Details

Health Care Mission Virtual Information Session

Join us for a 60-minute virtual information session to learn about
our Health Care Mission Programs

To read more about the session and to register, click below.  All times are listed in CST. 

Session Dates and Times

JUNE 13, 2024 at 12 p.m.