Alec Arnold, PhD

AOR Faculty


PhD, Saint Louis University
ThM, Regent College
MATS, Regent College
BA, Drury University


Alex is a graduate of SLU's joint program in Theology and Health Care Ethics. Last year he served as the Ethics Intern at the Catholic Health Association (CHA), helping Mission, Ethics, and Sponsorship leaders to implement a range of CHA initiatives. His current research tends to focus on the intersection of theological anthropology and the philosophy of technology.


with Charles E. Bouchard, OP, STD, “Sponsors and the Crisis in Long-Term Care: Is This a ‘Man from Macedonia’ Moment?” Health Progress, [upcoming]. 

“Perceiving Revelation Here and Now: Insights from Walter Ong and Hans Urs von Balthasar,” Modern Theology 36 (2019): 281-297. 
“How to (Not) Make the World Sacred: Congar’s Sacred Pedagogy,” New Blackfriars 101 (2020): 231-247.  

“An Aesthetic Response: Job, Suffering, and the Healing Power of Beauty,” Health Care Ethics USA 27 (2019): 32-40. 
“This is a ‘Profound Mystery’: Union and Distinction between Christ and His Church in Johann Adam Möhler and His Twentieth-Century Successors,” Nova et Vetera (English) 16 (2018): 705–37.