Theological Study in the Dominican Tradition 

At Aquinas Institute of Theology, we are proud that our school bears the name of the great Dominican saint and doctor of the Church, St. Thomas Aquinas. Our students are the beneficiaries of a vibrant Dominican intellectual heritage extending back 800 years. We serve two distinct, complementary constituencies: Dominican student brothers studying for ordination and ministry, as well as priests, vowed religious, and lay men and women preparing for ministries in service to the Church.

Physically located in the middle of the country, our theological mission finds its home in the middle as well, as we strive to follow in the footsteps of our founder, St. Dominic, who intentionally centered himself in the study of the Word of God and placed himself in the middle of the church so as to reach out in all directions.

At the heart of each program is the unique Dominican approach to study, with its primary purpose the pursuit of Veritas, or Truth, whom we recognize in the One who is Truth himself, Our Lord Jesus Christ. 


Degree Programs

We offer multiple graduate programs and certificate programs in a variety of formats.

Certificate Programs

We offer a variety of ways to specialize your theological focus. Learn about our Certificates and Specialized Programs.. 

Our Faculty

Our faculty is focused on providing a sound and rigorous theological education to prepare you for a life of ministry in the Church. 

The Dominican Plan of Study

For Dominican friars in formation, see how Aquinas Institute is governed by and administers the formal plan of study as laid out by the Order. 

Our House of Studies

We are a Dominican House of Studies grounded in the structure of the Dominican Order and the Province of St. Albert the Great. See how our our educational philosophy and our physical space for learning create a one of kind experience. 


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Hear from our Students about the Academic Environment at Aquinas Institute

Reasons to Study at Aquinas Institute of Theology


It's a place to share the classroom and ideas with the next generation of Dominican friars.  


It features a program to study the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas O.P. within the Dominican tradition. 


It gives all its students a "moment" to pray with the Dominicans. 


It engages with the modern world that so desperately needs to hear the words of the Gospel. 


It dialogues with modern science and Catholic morality and tradition about the ethical questions of our day. 


It offers a time to discern what is most important in our life as one considers a vocation of ministry. 


It's a place to form community as we study theology together. 


It provides affordable graduate theological education. 


It brings us to an encounter with the Word of God and the "queen of sciences."