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St. Dominic Priory

Students of Aquinas Institute are able to integrate their prayer life with those of the student brothers living at the priory.

A priory is a particular Dominican term that refers to the place where the Dominican friars live in community. The terms monastery or convent are similar in meaning. The priory, officially called St. Dominic Priory, is located nearby Aquinas Institute of Theology. Many events are shared between the communities and Aquinas Institute students, faculty, and staff are always welcome to join the friars in their daily recitation of the Liturgy of the Hours and for Mass. 

St. Dominic Priory - St. Louis, Missouri

In 2012 the Province completed construction on the new St. Dominic Priory in St. Louis, Missouri; the new priory, which can house over 50 friars, is the House of Studies for the Central and Southern Provinces. 

The original building had been constructed in 1908-1909 for Loretto Academy, a high school for girls sponsored by the Sisters of Loretto.