What Distinguishes Aquinas Institute from other Schools of Theology and Ministry? 

Aquinas Institute Mission:

Impelled by the Catholic faith and the Dominican mission, Aquinas Institute of Theology educates men and women to preach, to teach, to minister, and to lead. 


In Medio Ecclesiae
Preaching in Word and Deed through the Middle Way of St. Dominic

Aquinas Institute of Theology is a close-knit community of Dominican friars and lay people, who, in their shared study, pursue the Truth of Jesus Christ. The school offers a unique Catholic and Dominican approach to theological education that is in service to the Church and its preaching mission, building on an understanding of St. Thomas Aquinas that is expansive, comprehensive and all-encompassing.

Identity Statement

Hallmarks of the Aquinas Way

A Catholic, graduate school of Theology in the Dominican Tradition


It's a place dedicated to study for the Dominican friars while fully committed to educating the next generation of lay leaders in our Church. 


It's a place to dialogue with modern science, Catholic morality, and Church tradition about the ethical questions of our day. 


It offers an opportunity to study in a small yet rigorous graduate school of theology while utilizing the resources of a nearby large Jesuit university.


It's a place to share the classroom, grow in faith, and form community with the next generation of Dominican friars.  


It features a program to study the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas O.P. within the Dominican tradition. 


It engages with the modern world that so desperately needs to hear the words of the Gospel.