Discover the Aquinas Way

For those seeking graduate theological education, Aquinas Institute is a center of Thomistic studies, in the heart of the Church, in the middle of the U.S. Join with others pursuing the ideas of St. Thomas Aquinas within the Roman Catholic tradition.

Live our Mission

We are a Catholic graduate school of theology. We center our study in the middle of the Church, for the service of the Church,  within an 800 year tradition of the Dominican Order. 

Discover our Governance Structure

We are a Dominican House of Studies and our governance is grounded in the structure of the Dominican Order and the Province of St. Albert the Great. Our primary purpose is to prepare the next generation of friars preachers while at the same time educating men and women for service to the Church. 

Learn about our History

Dominicans have been at the forefront of theological education for over 800 years and Aquinas Institute of Theology has been educating men and women in the spirit of our patron St. Thomas Aquinas for over 95 years. 

Meet our Faculty and Staff

We boast a highly qualified faculty that engages with our students in the spirit of true theological inquiry, seeking the Truth of Jesus Christ and preparing our graduates for service in the Church.  

Participate in our Events

Aquinas Institute is a busy place. We offer a wide variety of events that contribute to our theological study and enhance the lively dialogue at our institute. 

Explore Resources for the Media

We offer a highly regarded faculty to be at the service of society. Our faculty are excited to dialogue with the world and to help bring theological issues to clarity. 


Part of the world wide Order of Preachers and following in the footsteps of St. Dominic, Aquinas Institute

is a Catholic, Dominican, graduate school of theology and ministry in St. Louis Missouri.

Who is St. Thomas Aquinas and why study his thought?

St. Thomas Aquinas, a Dominican saint and Doctor of the Church, rivals St. Augustine as perhaps the most influential Catholic theologian of all time. In his commitment to pursuing the Truth, wherever it may be found, St. Thomas presented a compelling vision of Catholic theology. 

What Degree Programs are offered by Aquinas Institute?

Aquinas Institute offers the following residential degree programs: the Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Theology, and Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies. We offer additional certificates and a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies as well. We are known for particularly for our Doctor of Ministry in Preaching. 

What difference can I make in the world?

At Aquinas Institute, we challenge our students to consider life's most ultimate questions and to respond to these questions from the perspective of faith.  In our study of the Word of God and our reflection upon the world in all of its complexity, we come to a deeper knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ. 

How am I called to share in the preaching of the Good News of Jesus Christ? 

Our study is at the service of what Dominicans call the "Holy Preaching." The Holy Preaching is not just what we proclaim from the pulpit, but what we express together in our shared life of responding  to God's call. St. Mark tells us, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." 

Reasons to Study at Aquinas Institute of Theology


It's a place to share the classroom and ideas with the next generation of Dominican friars.  


It features a program to study the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas O.P. within the Dominican tradition. 


It gives all its students a "moment" to pray with the Dominicans. 


It engages with the modern world that so desperately needs to hear the words of the Gospel. 


It dialogues with modern science and Catholic morality and tradition about the ethical questions of our day. 


It offers a time to discern what is most important in our life as one considers a vocation of ministry. 


It's a place to form community as we study theology together. 


It provides affordable graduate theological education. 


It brings us to an encounter with the Word of God and with theology, "queen of the sciences."