Theology for Life is a weekly lecture series exploring topics of interest to those seeking to deepen their understanding of the world through the lens of Catholic faith. Sessions have been led by popular, engaging speakers, including Dr. Ghazala Hayat, M.D., Dr. Bahar Bastani, M.D., Sr. Juliet Mousseau, RSCJ, Fr. Don Goergen, O.P., Paul Coutinho, Rev. Seán Martin, Sr. Carolyn Sur, S.S.N.D., and Sr. Carla Mae Streeter, O.P.

For information on future sessions, call 314.256.8800.

Past topics:

  • Into Your Hands I Commend My Spirit: The Reconciling Passion of Jesus in Luke's Gospel
  • Black Lives Matter: Challenges + Responsibilities for Catholics
  • Who Killed Jesus? A Study of the Passion Narrative in Mark’s Gospel
  • Understanding the Religion of our Muslim Sisters and Brothers
  • Catholic Fact or Fiction: Legends, True Stories, and Conspiracies
  • Who is God? Who am I? The Christian Calling to Transformation
  • Backpacking with the Saints - Nature Wandering as Spiritual Practice
  • Embracing the Holy Spirit
  • Eastern Spirituality
  • Did Jesus Have a Sense of Humor?
  • The Interface of Psychology and Spiritual Experience
  • Universal Spirituality
  • Hildegard of Bingen
  • In Search of My Soul