Student Life Committee

The Aquinas community is a rich diversity of religious, priests, laity, international students, seminarians, young and old who have come together to study, pray and grow in relationship. Aquinas Institute graduates speak fondly of their time at Aquinas as being rooted in profound friendships and intentional community. Our student-led organizations seek to foster this community spirit that is already present and vibrant among the faculty, staff, administration and students.

The Student Life Committee of Aquinas invites students to share in the mission of the school through working together to support, promote and celebrate the community life at Aquinas Institute of Theology. The Committee plans activities to encourage this community growth in four areas: Social Life, Education, Prayer, and Social Justice. All members of the Aquinas community are invited to participate and lead in these activities. Aquinas Student Life seeks to draw upon the strengths and gifts of community members in the planning and implementation of various activities. From these four areas of community life we have formed subcommittees on Student Life, Social Justice and Liturgy. Each of these subcommittees gives opportunities for students to preach, to teach, to lead, and to minister.

To receive periodic email updates from the Student Life Committee regarding activities at Aquinas Institute, enter your email address in the “Current Student” email list. We are looking forward to many new ideas and activities this year, and we welcome suggestions from the Aquinas community.