Training videos for use of on-line tools

Aquinas training videos

Aquinas Institute of Theology utilizes technology to enhance your learning experience through SLU's Blackboard learning management system, classroom audio/video presentations, the Internet and a variety of software programs. For assistance, contact Dan Moore, Director of Instructional Technology, at or 314.256.8878.

This website can be a great starting point for getting to know more about life at Aquinas Institute and theological research.

Accessing SLU’s Blackboard Learn (Bb Learn)
Classes at Aquinas Institute have an online learning component to them. Aquinas Institute uses the services of Bb Learn for these classes. Elements that might be involved are: small group discussions outside of class, online assignments that can be shared with a few in a class or the whole class, the submission of papers online instead of by hardcopy, accessing video or audio clips, or access to documents or presentations posted by your professor.