Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of the right mouse button?

In most applications, the right mouse button brings up a “contextual menu” – that is, a menu that only provides options relevant to the context that you’ve clicked on. If nothing is selected, that will be whatever is under the cursor; if something is selected and the cursor is within the selection, it will apply to the entire selection. Options that it supplies will vary, but usually include Cut and Paste, and options dealing with the style or movement of the selected object.

How do I change the default font in Word?

Or: “Why is my document double-spacing!?”
Word adjusts your font settings based on “Styles.” Although there are styles for large portions of a document, like pages, and for small portions, like characters, the main styles we’re concerned with are paragraph styles. Some of these are in your toolbar on the right: when you start a new document, “Normal” is selected.
Right click “Normal” and choose “Modify…” Here you can change the default font and size. If you are experiencing the “double spacing” and wish to change that, choose the “Format” button on the bottom left, and select “Paragraph…” In the third section, “Spacing”, change the “After” value from 10pt to 0. What it’s doing is putting a 10 point space after every paragraph: every time you press [enter.] Click “Ok,” and “Ok.”
To make this change permanent, rather than just for this document, click “Change Styles” at the right of the Styles section, and select “Set as Default.”