Spiritual Directors List -- St. Louis and Vicinity

PLEASE NOTE: If you are listed on the spiritual directors list below and have either changes to your information or description, or if you would like to have your name removed from the list, please contact Kathleen Davis at with either request. If you are not on the list and would like to have your name and information added, again, please contact Kathleen at the above email address and attach a description of yourself similar to those listed below.

Ethel-Marie Biri, SSND

Ethel-Marie, a School Sisters of Notre Dame, has had over 30 years of on-going training and supervision in spiritual direction in the tradition of Ignatius of Loyola. Currently she serves as the director of novices for the North American provinces of her congregation and resides at the St. Louis SSND motherhouse in South County (320 E. Ripa Ave.; St. Louis, MO 63125.) She approaches spiritual direction with well-developed listening skills, sensitivity, and knowledge. She holds a MA in Adult Religious Education and an MA in Human Development. Ethel-Marie views spiritual direction as the developing awareness of the inviting Presence of the Triune God and conversion precipitated by the impelling experience of God in Christ. The Holy Spirit is the director and the direction is about movement toward God. The spiritual director is like a mid-wife, assisting and witnessing the process. Fee: Sliding scale.

Robin Black-Rubenstein
Metro-East, Edwardsville 62025

Married, Roman Catholic laywoman with two adult daughters and two adult step-daughters. Pastoral Associate at St. Boniface Edwardsville IL, Spiritual Director, Retreat Leader, Certified Grief Counselor. MA Pastoral Studies and MA Certificate Spiritual Direction Aquinas Institute of Theology, Certified Grief Counselor- American Academy of Grief Counseling. In listening to your story, we are listening together to how the divine is working in your life through people, nature, service, and self-knowledge. Available for Spiritual Direction, Grief Counseling, all faiths welcome, Metro-East and St. Louis area meeting in a location most suitable for your needs, or by phone and/or Skype. I am also available for retreats and speaking.

Marian Boberschmidt
St. Louis

Marian is a mature Roman Catholic Franciscan sister. She brings to spiritual direction her years of lived experience as a religious woman and the rich spirituality of the Franciscan tradition. She usually meets directees at Nia Kuumba Spirituality Center, she enjoys working with young adults. Marian is a graduate of the Aquinas certificate program. Fee is negotiable/sliding scale.

Jared Bryson

Jared is a married Roman Catholic, father of two and is an oblate of St. Benedict of St. Meinrad Archabbey. He currently ministers as the Vice-President—Mission. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis and a Doctoral Degree in Christian Spirituality from Washington Theological Union in Washington, DC. He is has served as a Spiritual Director for individuals and for 19th Annotation of the Spiritual Exercises. Jared has spent 20 years in retreat presentation, Spiritual Direction, parish and seminary education and health care ministries. He teaches in the Certificate for Spiritual Direction program that is offered by the Monastery of St. Scholastica. He is a member of Spiritual Directors International and the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality. Will meet with folks in the St. Louis area.

Rosemary Buttice, ASCJ
South county-St. Louis, 63052

A Roman Catholic sister; experienced retreat director and spiritual director for individual or group spiritual direction. Open to new directees. Fee is negotiable.

Claudia Calzetta, SL
Edwardsville IL, 62026 and St. Louis, 63131
618-650-3205 (IL) 314-989-9249 or 314-265-8525 (MO) or

Roman Catholic sister who is especially interested in ministering to young adults, religious men and women and married men and women. Available to meet at the SIUE Religious Center and St. Louis area. Comfortable with those from other faith traditions as well as the Catholic faith. A graduate of the Aquinas certificate program. Fee is on a sliding scale.

Denise Carpenter, LCSW

Denise is an Episcopal lay person who holds a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Aquinas Institute. She is comfortable working with directees from any Christian background. Her listening skills developed during a Social Work career spanning 25 years. Denise believes that God’s love is the central fact of our faith, of our lives, and of history. The spiritual director is privileged to accompany people as they become more aware of God’s love. She has experience in both Ignatian and Benedictine spiritualties.

Betty Cloughley

Married Catholic laywoman; mother of three sons, two adult and one deceased. Spirituality Interests: Feminine Spirituality, meeting points of Eastern/Western spirituality; prayer; living in a spirit of gratitude; connections between the daily “ordinary” and the Holy; journaling as a tool for spiritual growth; Lectio Divina. Spiritual companion for 10 years, individual and group retreats. Open to “meeting” for spiritual direction by either phone of Skype. Graduate of Aquinas Institute-MA in Pastoral Studies and Certificate in Spiritual Direction. Member of Spiritual Directors International. Fee negotiable.

Carol Ann Collins, SSND
314.633.7053 or 314.910-2646

A Roman Catholic sister, having taught at all levels of formal education now ministering as spiritual director in the south county area. Spiritual Interests and Perspective: attention to deepening intimacy with God whose love and compassion exceeds our own desires. Carol Ann, in her 70s, has a special heart-space in accompanying those who are experiencing loss and diminishment. Carol Ann's training includes course work at Creighton University and Aquinas Institute. She completed a six-month internship at the Jesuit Center for Spiritual Growth.

Gloria Couvion
Illinois, 62234

Gloria is a widowed Roman Catholic laywoman and has experience companioning all ages in their journey. She has her feet firmly planted in the world and is open to working with anyone seeking to enrich their relationship with God. She has experience with military life and its challenges. She is a graduate of Aquinas Institute of Theology holding a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies and a Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction. Fees are negotiable/flexible.

Michael Crosby, OFM

A Roman Catholic Franciscan priest experienced in spiritual direction. A graduate of the Aquinas certificate program. He is available to meet centrally in the city of St. Louis, south county and southwest of the city. Open to ecumenical counseling.

Teresa Daly, DC
St. Louis, MO 63130

A Roman Catholic sister (Daughter of Charity) who received her certification in spiritual direction from the Vincentian Spiritual Direction program offered through her community.

Kathleen Davis,

Kathleen is a married Catholic layperson and mother of three. She has a Masters in Pastoral Studies and certificate in Spiritual Direction from Aquinas Institute and is also certified in Youth Ministry. Her passion for feminine theology brings a fresh perspective to those seeking a deeper relationship with God. Her hope is to journey with others in the discovery of the vastness of the Divine. She is also available for retreat leadership. Meeting space is in the Kirkwood/Webster area and fees are on a sliding scale.

Renée Dewhurst, DHM, MA, BCC
Meeting location ZIP code: 63090

Denomination: Catholic • Vocation: Religious Sister – Daughters of the Heart of Mary • Spiritual Interests and Perspectives: On the discernment journey – and on the journey towards intimacy with God and with one’s Larger Self - Renée values, as a healing and integrative approach, the cultivation of one’s ability to be in an empathic relationship with the parts of one's inner life, as well as with one’s life events and circumstances. Renée values inter-religious and inter-spiritual dialogue and diversity, and is experienced in walking with people of any tradition, age or culture. She is an Aquinas Institute of Theology MAPS graduate and holds an Aquinas Institute Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction. Currently Renée works as a hospital staff chaplain. Open to new directees. Fee: Negotiable.  Sessions can be conducted in person, by phone, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom.

Michael Durbin
Highland, IL 62249

God is always providing us opportunity to experience, question, judge and make decisions about the people and actions within the world taking place around us. Traditionally, we have understood this as grace; God’s grace acting upon us in the world. Our response to this gift of grace and life is often expressed as prayer. My faith tradition is Roman Catholic and I am open to all who sincerely seek God, regardless of faith or gender. I am comfortable with Ignatian Spirituality and Centering Prayer. I will challenge you to find how God is speaking to you in your life. I am a graduate of Aquinas Institute of Theology, Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies and a Certificate in Spiritual Direction.

Dave Ebenhoh
St. Louis, 63116

Roman Catholic open to seekers of all religious and spiritual backgrounds: strong in faith or struggling to believe, comfortable praying or looking to learn, involved in everything or lonely wanderer. My hope is to help you listen for and see our God walking with you more and more deeply in the midst of your own life. Trained at Creighton University with a Masters Degree in Spirituality. Also available for directed retreats, group direction/facilitation, days of prayer, ministry consulting/mentoring. Fees negotiable.

Mary Pius Fagan, OP
St. Louis, 63119

A Roman Catholic sister; graduate of the Aquinas certificate program. Has ministered in a variety of pastoral settings in the St. Louis area for over 20 years. Holds an MA from St. Louis University. Her passion is for those persons who, for whatever reason, feel disempowered.

Rose Ann Ficker
Area of availability: 63074

Rose Ann is a Roman Catholic religious sister in her 60s. She has been a religious woman in community for many years. Rose Ann is especially interested in exploring inclusive images/language for God; God as a Trinitarian-relational God, creation spirituality, and justice/peace issues and our faith. A graduate of the Aquinas spiritual direction program. Spanish speaking.

Jill Fisk
St. Louis, MO

Jill is a Christ-follower and a wife and mother to three young children. She is currently completing her Certificate in Spiritual Direction at Aquinas. She has a passion for helping women of all ages discover and deepen their relationship with God, specifically an integrated spirituality (body/mind/spirit). She is also a Holy Yoga instructor and leads prayer and yoga retreats. She finds joy in the ancient practices of lectio divina, praying the labyrinth, and the Daily Office. New directees welcome. Fee is negotiable.

Dan Frachey
Springfield, IL

Vocational status: Married 19 years with two grown children (step-parent) Religious denomination: Catholic Brief description of strengths and interests brought to spiritual direction: Incarnational spirituality rooted in image and metaphor to find clarity in one’s experience of God. Use of story, visualization, tactile contemplation (using objects) and humor are my areas of strength.

Robby Francis

I am a Catholic layperson who works in ministry. I see spiritual direction as a space of discovering our truest selves and how God is present in our lives; where we are invited to look through our doubts and insecurities to see our goodness; where we are invited to encounter the God who surrounds us but also lives within our very being. I’m a trained presenter in Centering Prayer and am also familiar with other forms of contemplative prayer. I am a graduate of Aquinas Institute with a Masters in Pastoral Studies and a Certificate in Spiritual Direction. Fee is negotiable.

Mary Frigon-Milner
Brentwood, 63144

Mary is a Roman Catholic married laywoman with many years of experience companioning others on their faith journey. She brings her background in hospital chaplaincy and spiritual formation, as well as a deep appreciation for Ignatian spirituality, to her spiritual direction ministry. Mary especially enjoys accompanying persons seeking to deepen their prayer life, discerning life changes, or exploring how past hurts may have impacted their relationship with God. She is experienced in working with laypersons, clergy and vowed religious.

Bernadette Marie Fronmuller, OSU
South St. Louis, 63122

A Roman Catholic sister; pastoral care chaplain and experienced spiritual director. Interested in developing one’s prayer life; skilled at working with individuals on all levels of spiritual development and retreat direction. Meets with directees in the Kirkwood area. Fee is negotiable.

Nicki Gillis

She is a married woman - 70. She is a mother and a grandmother. She is an Episcopalian. She serves as a spiritual director at the Church of St. Michael and St. George (Clayton). She has long experience with Ignatian spirituality. She is a graduate of Aquinas Institute of Theology in the Spiritual Direction Graduate Certificate Program. Fee is negotiable.

Carolyn Griffeth
St. Louis, MO 63106

"Carolyn holds the hand of your soul allowing it to go just where it needs to go." This is how a directee recently described my work. Struck by her words, I asked: "How do I do such?"  She responded, "By using everything you've learned holding the hand of your own soul through so much fire!" Her words describe my work well: It is an honor to hold space for you as you open to soul. Sometimes the first voice of soul is grief;  always there is a longing to transcend the smallness of limiting beliefs and oppressive conditioning and open to wider dimensions of faith and life! My tools are passionate prayer, contemplative practices, cultivating consciousness, dream work, emotional release work, oppression awareness,  grief work, and earth centered ceremony. Those who work best with me are ready for expansion or desiring to grow their spiritual wings. All faiths, gender identities, sexual orientations, and ethnicities are welcome!  

Carolyn is a divorced mother with twenty plus years of experience in the Catholic Worker movement and working for social change--an on-going passion. In 2003, she graduated from Aquinas Institute with a MAPS degree and certificate in spiritual direction. She also holds a degree in Shamanic Energy Medicine,  and leads women's groups, and workshops on whiteness and dismantling oppression. Carolyn has a background in the UCC, Catholic, and Quaker tradition. Currently, she serves as facilitator of a womenist spiritual community called Spirit Rising, which unites spirituality with liberation.

Ita Harnett, CCVI
314.533.4040 (H) or 314.238.4196 (C)

Area of availability: midtown/central west end, St. Louis; Ita is a Roman Catholic religious sister in her 60’s. One of her areas of interest is Jesuit spirituality. She has a certificate in grief counseling and third degree in reiki. Ita is a graduate of the Aquinas certificate program in spiritual direction.

Dorothy Helbling, OSU
Belleville, IL 62226

An Ursuline religious sister. Accepts donations for her ministry.

Judith Hehl
Kirkwood, 63122

Judith is a Roman Catholic laywoman, divorced/widowed, with grown children and ten grandchildren. Besides offering the ministry of spiritual direction to those who seek assistance, she teaches yoga and is interested in Eastern spirituality and meditation shaped by 12-step spirituality. Judith is able to listen with compassion and assist others in exploring the sacred ground of their lives. A graduate of the Aquinas certificate program. Open to new directees.

Clarence Heller
Webster Groves, 63119
Husband, father, son, friend of Jesus, and Roman Catholic. Coordinator of the Week/Month of Guided Prayer retreat in everyday life program. Background in business. About 54 years young. A graduate of Aquinas Institute in Pastoral Studies and the Aquinas Certificate in Spiritual Direction. Donations accepted.

Virginia Herbers, ASCJ
St. Louis, 63110

A Roman Catholic Sister; spiritual director and retreat director; experience with youth and young adult spiritual direction; loves being a companion on the journey with those looking to grow in or better understand their relationship with God.

Christy Hicks
573.418.7373 (C)

Currently a Campus Minister at Saint Louis University ; ministering to young people for over ten years primarily in the field of Campus Ministry. Completed her spiritual direction certificate at the Aquinas Institute of Theology and her MA in Pastoral Ministry from the University of Dayton.  Open to all who are interested in exploring their own faith journey and sees every path as unique to the person.  After spending a year in India and Nepal, and though her studies have been through the lens of Catholic-Christian faith and thought, she reverences the perspective and beauty that other faith traditions share. The fee is on a sliding scale.

Bob Hoffman

Bob is a married, Catholic layperson and father of six. He holds a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Aquinas and is completing his MA in Pastoral Studies. He is comfortable working with individuals from any religious background and views spiritual direction as an opportunity to walk with others through their life to witness and experience God in all aspects. He has experience in the area of adoption and its impact on relationships with God and neighbor, as well as the areas of 12-step, Enneagram, MBTI, prison work, and the business world. Open to new directees. Donations accepted.  

Jane Jakoubek

Resides in Decorah, Iowa.  Available in person to individuals in Northeast Iowa and by correspondence with others via Skype or similar formats.  Completed the spiritual direction certificate from the Aquinas Institute of Theology.  For fees and other information, contact me.

Jerry Keeney
St. Louis, 63144

A married ordained minister in the American Baptist Church with 38 years of experience as a pastor; a graduate of the Aquinas certificate program. Is open to new directees. Fee is negotiable/sliding scale.

Mary Kempa

I am a Roman Catholic married lay woman with two grown sons. I have a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Aquinas Institute of Theology. I am honored to companion people on their spiritual journeys: listening for God's presence in their lives and reflecting back what is shared. Through ordinary moments, God invites us to open our hearts to increased awareness of the Spirit's person, power and presence.

Chris Kienstra
St. Louis City

MAPS/Certified Spiritual Director. Sliding scale fee. Area of Focus: Guiding people through transitional periods of life and those seeking to live out of their God-given gifts. Consideration regarding parenting, divorce, how can I best live as the unique person God created me to be?

Mary Kochelek
Creve Coeur, 6314

Denomination: Roman Catholic. Vocation: Married with adult children. Spiritual Interests and Perspective: Understands her role as that of a spiritual companion, helping others recognize, reflect on, and respond to God’s actions and communications in their lives, to grow in intimacy with God, and to live out the expression of their relationship with God in their daily life and personal relationships. Strong background in contemplative prayer, lectio divina, and Benedictine spirituality. Interest and experience in Ignatian spirituality. Graduate of Aquinas Institute with M. A. in Pastoral Studies, spiritual direction concentration. Accepts directees of all denominations.

Madeleine Lane, SSND MA, LMFT
Webster Groves, MO
314.963.9600, ext. 3

Roman Catholic sister; also a marriage and family life counselor. Open for spiritual direction, retreat work and day of prayer. Meets with directees at The Family Center, Webster Groves, MO.

Patricia Lane
University City, 63130

Presbyterian layperson. Married with a grown daughter and son. A compassionate listener with a deep desire to help others explore the presence and movement of God in everyday life. Knowledgeable about the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius, the Enneagram, and the 12-Step AL-ANON program. Interested in dreams.

Kristie Lenzen
ZIP code for meetings: 63051
636.677.8879 (h) or 314.346.3497 (c)

Vocation: Married, 2 adult children. Spiritual Interests and Perspective: Offering compassionate listening, incite and a sense of humor in spiritual guidance, with those who want to discover or deepen their relationship with God in everyday life, learn to see themselves as God sees them, and those who want to find more meaning in life but may question the existence of God. Other: Spiritual Director, presenter, and retreat leader. Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies, studied spiritual direction at Aquinas Institute of Theology, and inter-faith spiritual guidance at the Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley, CA.

Jenifer Lohmann
ZIP code for meetings: 63108 and 62234
618.345.4343, ext. 302

Denomination: Roman Catholic Vocation: Married woman with young son. Professional lay minister who is the Director of Adult Faith Formation for Sts. Peter & Paul Church, Collinsville, IL.
Spiritual Interests and Perspective: Great attentiveness to the work of the Holy Spirit in our human experiences. Has a great love for a loving, merciful God and all God’s creation. Works out of a relational theology that holds a belief in the inter-connectedness of all creation. Has a Master’s degree in Pastoral Studies and a Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Aquinas Institute of Theology.

Marian Love
Fenton 63026 and St. Louis 63108

Marian is a married woman with two grown children. MA in Pastoral Studies from Aquinas Institute. Background in Ignatian spirituality and the Spiritual Exercises. Retreat and spiritual director for 15+ years. Open to new directees.

Jo (Josephine) Ludwig
ZIP codes  meetings: 63108 (Aquinas Institute), 63301, 63031, and 63042.
636.255.0341 (H) and 314.805.1702 (C)

Denomination: Roman Catholic. Vocation: Married Lay woman, late 40's. Mother of two daughters. Spiritual Interests and Perspective: Interested in helping those who wish to grow closer in relationship to God. I would be particularly helpful to women working through addiction and recovery issues for themselves or in conjunction with their spouses or children. Other: Open to all ages and to those who are ecumenically minded.

Sally Macke
St. Louis

Sally is an Episcopalian laywoman, married with college-age children. Besides offering the ministry of spiritual direction to those who seek assistance, she is interested in the integration of spirituality and psychology and helping people come to greater self-awareness. Sally is also interested in helping women look at ways to find balance in their lives and nurture their sense of spirituality as they nurture others. A graduate of the Aquinas certificate program. Meets with directees at Mercy Retreat Center (63131).

David J. Malek, ACSW, LCSW

David holds a Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Aquinas Institute of Theology. Dave is an Episcopal lay person and member of Christ Church Cathedral. He is primarily interested in Benedictine spirituality, awareness of God’s presence in our ordinary lives, and the sacrament of the moment. Dave works with men and women of college age and older. He is skilled in working with clergy and religious as well as members of the GLBT community. A focus for him is achieving a balanced life through prayer, work, study, recreation, and rest. He offers spiritual direction in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Fee is negotiable.

Janice Purdy McFarland
Ballwin, MO 63021

Disciple of Christ, lay woman, and graduate of the Aquinas certificate program. Open to new directees. Fee is negotiable/sliding scale.

Patrick M. McGee, OMI -
Phone: (618) 397-0584 ext 20; email:
Brother Pat currently serves on the Ministry Team at King’s House Retreat and Renewal Center in Belleville, IL, giving retreats and offering spiritual direction to religious, clergy and lay women and men. He is always enriched by the experience of walking with others who seek to be attentive to the experience of God in the midst of daily living. He brings a special sensitivity to the experience of those in 12-step recovery programs. He is listed in Spiritual Directors International Seek and Find guide.

Polly McWilliams
ZIP code: 63034
phone numbers: office 314.427.3755 ext. 205; home 314.972.9789; or cell 314.703.9789 or

Denomination: United Church of Christ; Vocation: an ordained (11 years) minister in the United Church of Christ. Spiritual Interests and Perspective: SLOWLY completing a Doctor of Ministry focusing on pastoral care, spirituality, and building a beloved Christian Community while serving as a full-time chaplain to troubled youth and their families. Polly is a strong person of faith. She is committed to helping others deepen their spiritual lives through using positive spiritual disciplines to grow in their daily lives. She is a graduate of the Aquinas spiritual direction program and a member of ASSIST.

Marge O’Gorman
Areas of availability: 63139 and 63117
314.768.1650 and 314.477.2892

Marge is a Roman Catholic religious sister in her 60s. She is interested in assisting people of any age category or vocational status. Marge is experienced in adult faith development and ministers to the gay/lesbian/bisexual /transgendered community. Marge is a graduate of the Aquinas certificate program in spiritual direction. Fee is negotiable.

Sharon O’Grady
St. Louis

Sharon is a Roman Catholic sister with many years of experience in offering spiritual direction. She works with people who are interested in finding God in their everyday experience, and discerning where God seems to be leading them. In her direction sessions she seeks to be open to the directee’s experience as he or she articulates it, and works with them to discover the possible light and presence of God within that experience. She is a graduate of the Aquinas certificate program. The fee is negotiable. She meets with her directees in Normandy, MO, 63121.

Rosemarie Parsons
Ballwin, 63011

Roman Catholic laywoman. Widowed with three grown daughters and two grandsons. A compassionate listener with background in Ignatian Spirituality. Prayer companion in the Bridges Program and Week and Month of Guided Prayer. Holds a certificate in spiritual Direction from Aquinas Institute of Theology. Desires to assist others to encounter the presence of God in their lives.

Mary Jacqueline Pratt, OSU
Kirkwood, MO 63122

Mary Jacqueline is a Roman Catholic sister with many years of experience in offering spiritual direction. She writes: “After receiving a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Aquinas Institute, I was invited to ministry as associate director at the Jesuit Retreat House in Oshkosh, WI. Five years of service there preaching and directing retreats has enlarged my experience and practice of spiritual direction.

Katie Rademacher

Katie is a single Catholic layperson. She has a Masters in Pastoral Studies and Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Aquinas Institute of Theology.  Katie sees spiritual direction as a sacred space to explore, discover and claim our true and authentic self-in-God; a safe place to encounter and deepen our relationship with the God who is with us.  Her desire is to accompany others seeking to move forward in the spiritual life with freedom. Meeting space is at Aquinas Institute and fee is negotiable.   

Paul Reiter, M.Div, D.Min.
Kirkwood, MO

An ordained Presbyterian minister recently retired after 38 years of parish and executive service. Paul has practiced Spiritual Direction since the mid 80's. He was trained in the Souljourners program in Atchison, KS and the Internship in Spiritual Direction through the Mercy Center in Burlingame, CA. He does individual and group spiritual direction, and also is a trained coach. Persons of all faith traditions are welcome, and those seeking discernment in decision making will find guidance and friendship for the journey. Paul meets with directees at the Mercy Center in Frontenac, First Presbyterian Church in Kirkwood, MO, and John Knox Presbyterian Church in Florissant, MO. Fees areon a sliding scale.

Lorraine Senci
Troy, IL 62294

Married Catholic laywoman who is a mother and grandmother. Completed a master’s degree in pastoral studies and earned a certificate in Spiritual Direction from Aquinas Institute of Theology. Currently serves in parish ministry as a pastoral care associate. Feels blessed to accompany others on their faith journey by offering compassionate listening, helping those seeking direction to recognize God’s movements in the conversations, events and relationships of daily life. Can meet at Aquinas Institutte. Donations accepted.

John Shaughnessy
ZIP code locations: 63017 and 63146.

Denomination: Roman Catholic. Vocation: Married layman in his sixties; a parent and grandparent; experienced in secondary school and college teaching and in district administration in public schools and Board level involvement with private Catholic schools; active in parish ministries in St. Louis county. Special Interests and Perspective: Values spiritual direction as a way to assist those searching to integrate spirituality with everyday life and work; experienced in offering the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius in Everyday Life (19th Annotation); has a background in contemplative prayer.

Annette L. Sherwood
ZIP code locations: 63125 and 63129

Denomination: Roman Catholic Vocation: Married 25 years, two adult children Spiritual Interests and Perspective: Offers a contemplative listening presence, open, accepting, non-judgmental attitude. Experience as Retreats Team Member, Small Groups Leader, and Teaching Art, can facilitate Groups for Spiritual Direction, Prayer, or Supervision. Open for Spiritual Direction or Spiritual Director Supervision. Office at Maria Center, 336 E. Ripa Ave, Room #208, St. Louis, MO 63125. Graduate of the Aquinas Spiritual Direction Certificate Program.

Lucia Signorelli

Roman Catholic lay woman with background in consecrated religious life. Compassionate listener to another’s sacred story of how God draws him/her to the fullness of love. Seeks to companion and guide those who desire to explore, find, and respond to God’s love revealed in all things and all moments. Brings experience in contemplative prayer, centering prayer, lectio divina, journaling, and Ignatian spirituality. Graduate certificate in spiritual direction from Aquinas Institute. Also available for directed retreats, days of prayer, group spiritual direction, and coaching. Meeting space is in the Creve Couer/Chesterfield area.

Anne Simms, O.P.

A Dominican sister who has been a spiritual director for seventeen years. Besides offering spiritual direction Anne has been a part of retreat teams, sabbatical programs for both men and women, and has had extensive experience of being with dying and those in the grief process, as a former hospital chaplain. She is interested in Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, Journaling and the Enneagram as tools for spiritual growth. Anne received her training in Spiritual Direction from Mercy Center in Burlingame, CA. She is a member of Spiritual Director International and has a Masters in Theological Studies from the Graduate Theological School in Berkeley CA. Fee is negotiable/sliding scale.

Scott Sparks

Profile: Roman Catholic laity in his mid-40's.  Involved in several ministries including, Secular Franciscan Order, Knights of Columbus, Jonah Prayer Ministry, and retreat leadership.  Special interests include Franciscan spirituality, contemplative prayer, addiction recovery, healing/deliverance, charisms, formation/consecration, and discernment of spirits.  Member of Spiritual Directors International and the American Association of Christian Counselors.  Mission: To be a companion of those on the spiritual journey of growing closer to God by listening for God’s call and asking questions that help articulate what is happening and formulate a response.  Open to all spiritual backgrounds.  Fees: Negotiable.  Free initial session.

Judy Spenner
Eureka, MO

A Roman Catholic married layperson with 7 grandchildren. A 1997 graduate of the Spiritual Direction program at Aquinas Institute of Theology. Experienced in the Contemplative dimension, Bridges/Ignatian, Charismatic, Carmelite and Cistercian Spiritualities. Also familiar with the 12-Step process as applicable to personal spiritual development. I believe that we have the inner wisdom to discern and be grateful about the presence and action of God in our lives and that the “director” can act as a mirror to reflect that back to the directee by active listening with the heart and the Spirit. Accompanies persons of all faiths.

Jack Swank, D.Min.
New Baden, IL 62265

Jack received training in spiritual direction at Aquinas Institute and at the Graduate Theological Foundation. He is spiritual but not religious; prefers spiritual adventuring rather than direction; is a long time student of A Course in Miracles; practices staying in the Present Moment engaging the Living Jesus and Holy Spirit; believes a healed mind is possible via the intentional practice of non-judgmentalism and detachment. Call or email me if you are interested. Namasté.

Susan Pflug Ulmer
St. Louis, 63119

A lay woman in the tradition of the United Church of Christ. Susan was trained through The Wellstreams Ecumenical Training in Spiritual Formation and Development offered by The Spirituality Network in Columbus Ohio. In a twenty year ministry as a church educator, felt increasing awareness and call to the ministry of God’s movement in her own life and in the lives of others as well as ways of deepening and nourishing that awareness. As a director, she understands the ministry of spiritual direction to be one of spiritual friend, mentor and guide. Fees are based on a sliding scale.

Joan Marie Voss
Illinois, 62223

A Roman Catholic sister interested in walking with people who are searching for God. Trained in Ignatian spirituality; works with Centering Prayer and mostly interested in people who find God in the present moment. Works with Divorced and Separated and helps give retreats at Kings House.

Rosalie Wisniewski, OSF,

Rose is a Franciscan Sister of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. She presently serves on her Congregational Leadership Team.  She has been a sister for 47 years.  Sister loves accompanying others as they discover God within. Sister Rosalie believes that essentially “God comes to us disguised as our life.” She works with women and men of all walks of life. She meets directees at 335 South Kirkwood Road, the site of her congregational headquarters. She received her spiritual direction training at Mercy Center in Burlingame, CA in July 2007.

Marilyn Wussler


1276 St. Cyr. Rd., 63137

A Roman Catholic sister who has been a spiritual director since 1982. Marilyn was trained in Ignatian spirituality and has worked with the Bridges program. She is interested in cross-cultural understandings of God and spirituality, in the mystical tradition and a modern development of centering prayer; also in the feminist critique of traditional models of spirituality and prayer, and in prayer and spiritual growth using the Enneagram and/or the MBTI. Meets with directees every weekday but Wednesday from 9-5. Fee is $35 per session but will negotiate for hardship cases.


Updated February 19, 2019.