Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies / Master of Social Work (MAPS/MSW)

Aquinas Institute of Theology and the Saint Louis University School of Social Service offer a dual Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies (MAPS) and Master of Social Work (MSW) program. This dual degree integrates interdisciplinary faculty and curriculum and offers innovative opportunities for specialized internships. The program provides the framework, skills and resources for a spiritually motivated social work practice and deepens a professional’s commitment to social justice based upon the Gospels. Church ministers can obtain clinical professional licensure and cultivate skills for faith-directed service.

Integrating Social Work and Ministry

Through a dual track of course work, integrative seminars and fieldwork, the MAPS/MSW program is designed to:

  • Prepare students for professional social work and pastoral ministry by providing a solid foundation in social work, theology, ministry and biblical studies.
  • Enable students to recognize the spiritual as well as the economic, legal and psychological roots of contemporary social problems.
  • Inspire students to serve individuals and communities and develop social action strategies to enhance the common good and the life of the church.

Why Complete the Degrees Jointly Instead of One at a Time?
Students committed to ministry and social work complete the requirements for both degrees in 80 credit hours (plus 4 units of Human and Spiritual Formation Seminars), rather than the 105 total hours needed to complete each program separately.

How do I apply?
Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum 3.0 GPA and 21 credit hours in liberal arts, social sciences and/or theology. The application deadlines are March 1 for the fall semester and October 1 for the spring semester. To apply, follow the instructions contained in the Application for Admission.

Program Content

The dual MAPS/MSW degree consists of 80 credit hours, as follows:

MAPS Course Requirements (35 hours plus 4 units of Formation Seminars to be completed at Aquinas Institute)

Course Title Credit Hours
Integrative Studies
Proseminar 3
Integrative Seminar 1
Biblical Studies  
Bible Interpretation 3
Scripture Elective 3
Systematic Theology
Introduction to Theology and Theological Method 3
Christology 3
Ecclesiology 3
Moral Theology  
Foundations of Catholic Morality 3
Historical Studies  
Church History I or II 3
Pastoral Theology
Foundations of Pastoral Care 3
Pastoral Electives 4
Professional Ministerial Formation
Supervised Practice of Ministry I 3
Human and Spiritual Formation
Human & Spiritual Formation (where applicable) 4 units


MSW Course Requirements (45 hours to be completed at Saint Louis University)

Course Title Credit Hours
Professional Foundation Courses
Social Policy 3
Human Behavior and Environment 3
Social Work Practice Theory I 3
Social Work Practice Theory II 3
Social Work Research 3
Foundation Integrative Practice Seminar 0
Practicum I 3
Concentration Core Courses (Must include one health course and one research course)
Any 700-level Course 12-15
Capstone Values and Ethics Course
Values and Ethics in Social Work Practice 3
Concentration Practica
Practicum II 2
Concentration Integrative Practice Seminar 1
Practicum III 3
Practicum IV 3
Electives (May be fulfilled by MAPS courses)
—- 12-15