• August 2017 Cavalletti Symposium Registration

  • Who Attends
    Members and Alumni of MAPS-CGS and CGS Heritage Courses + invited scholars who share an interest in Sofia Cavalletti’s work

    The August 19-21, 2017 Cavalletti Symposium is designated as a weekend to celebrate the anniversary of Sofia Cavalletti's 100th birthday on August 21, 2017. Members of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd will attend presentations, participate in liturgies, and share meals and fellowship at Aquinas Institute of Theology, 23 South Spring Avenue, St. Louis, MO.

    The Symposium will begin at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 19 with Vespers and a welcome dinner. It will conclude on Monday evening with a closing dinner and prayer. In addition to participation in the presentations and liturgies, the $125 cost of the symposium includes Saturday’s opening dinner and Monday’s closing dinner, as well as brunch on Sunday. (Sunday’s small group/reunion dinners and Monday’s lunch will be on one’s own.)

  • Participants in the symposium are to make arrangements for their own lodging. Blocks of rooms with a discounted rate have been reserved at two local hotels. (More information will be provided in separate email correspondence.)

    Parkway Hotel at 4550 Forest Park Avenue. This hotel provides a hot breakfast and a free shuttle to Aquinas Institute. There is a fee for parking in the hotel parking garage.

    Holiday Inn Express St. Louis at 4630 Lindell Boulevard. This hotel provides a hot breakfast and complimentary parking. No shuttle is available.

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Instructional Technology

Aquinas Institute of Theology utilizes technology to enhance the learning experience through BlackBoard instructional systems, classroom audio/video displays, the internet and World Wide Web, and a variety of software programs. If you would like assistance with the technological resources available, contact Dan Moore, Director of Instructional Technology, at or 314.256.8878.

Questions about your SLU email account or other resources available at SLU should be directed to SLU's Instructional Technology Services at 314.977.4000, option 1 (not option 2 as the recording suggests) or

Aquinas Institute Wireless Access

Students with a wireless-capable laptop may access the internet while in the building via our wireless network. To receive the wireless network password, contact Dan Moore at

Saint Louis University Email Accounts

Aquinas Institute students enrolled in one or more courses for academic credit are eligible for a Saint Louis University email account. New students will be notified within the first two weeks of classes when their accounts have been set up. After you receive your user name and password you will need to log into your account and reset your password.

Web mail access is available at SLU email accounts must be checked at least once per month or they will be suspended. If you believe your account has been suspended, or if you have forgotten your account information, contact SLU's ITS department at 314.977.4000, option 1 (not option 2 as the recording suggests) or for assistance.

Aquinas Institute of Theology's Web page

The Aquinas Institute of Theology web page can be a great starting point for getting to know more about life at Aquinas Institute and theological research.

Getting Connected to Community Life at Aquinas Institute
Once you have connected to Aquinas Institute's web page you will have access to a wealth of information:

Beginning Theological Research on the Web

Going to the Reference Tools page on this site will take you to a list of web sites that faculty have found useful in theological research. Links are grouped by categories; just click on a category at the top of the page to be taken to a list of links. Aquinas Institute can make no guarantees as to the accuracy of any information on these sites, so use good prudential judgment when looking for information. If in doubt about a web site's reliability, ask your professor. Some professors may also provide a list of useful links in their syllabi.

Marking frequently used sites
Once you find a useful site, you might want to place it in your "bookmarks" or "favorites" list:

  • Go to the desired site.
  • If using Internet Explorer, click on "Favorites" on your menu bar and then click on "Add" in the box that appears to the left of your screen.
  • If using Firefox or Mozilla, click on "Bookmarks" on your menu bar and then click "Add Bookmark" in the drop down menu.

This gives you a fast way to get to sites you use often without having to go through the AI page. Let others know when you have found a useful site; it adds to the community's ability to grow in knowledge and wisdom.

Accessing Pius XII Library at Saint Louis University

Go to the Pius XII Memorial Library page to access the Saint Louis University card catalog:

  • If searching for books, click on "Search Library Catalog (MERLIN)" under the "Find a Book" section (the page that you arrive at will have the address This is a good page to mark as a frequently used page, as outlined above).
  • Click on the search criteria you wish to use.
  • If you wish to search a periodical database, click on "Databases by Subject" on the Pius XII Library Page. You will need a SLU email account to access these resources from off-campus.

Accessing SLU GLobal Blackboard -
Aquinas Institute's Online Learning Site

Classes at Aquinas Institute have an online learning component to them. Aquinas Institute uses the services of SLU Global for these classes. Elements that might be involved are: small group discussions outside of class, online assignments that can be shared with a few in a class or the whole class, the submission of papers online instead of by hardcopy, accessing video or audio clips, or access to documents or presentations posted by your professor.

  • Your user name and temporary password will be emailed to you at the time of your first SLU Global course.
  • First, go to SLU’s Password Management page,  , to change your temporary password.
  • Then, access your SLU email at .
  • Finally, go to the SLU Global login page,, (this page is also accessible from the "Quick Links" menu at
  • Type in your SLU Net ID and password
  • Click the "Login" button
  • When you are finished with your session, please make sure to log off.  

Other information concerning the use of SLU Global Blackboard will be passed along to you at the beginning of your courses.

Institutional Technologies

A number of technologies are available for student use in and out of the classroom:

  • CD-ROM Creation
  • RealAudio and Adobe Acrobat File Creation
  • VHS/VHS-C/MiniDV Video Recording
  • Portable Media Presentation Devices
  • Picture/Document Scanning

Contact the Instructional Technology Office at for availability.