Sustaining Believers

Sustaining LeadersAquinas Institute knows that not everyone who wants to explore theology will find himself in a classroom. We also recognize we can fashion our programs to edify those who seek what we offer but cannot pursue it academically.

Among the ways in which we bring theology to the community are a monthly breakfast with businessmen and women, periodic roundtable conversations, daylong seminars, and an annual lecture. The success of each event is testimony to the need.

The Aquinas Business Forum – our monthly breakfast meeting – attracts about 25 people each month. They are lawyers, advertising executives, financial advisors, entrepreneurs and salesmen. They gather to explore topics such as the ethics of employee termination, truth in advertising and just wages in a global market.

The Aquinas Roundtable includes lunch, lecture and conversation at the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center. More than 100 people attended each of the first get-togethers. The roundtables have hit upon topics such as the clergy sexual abuse crisis and what seminaries can do to prevent further harm; attitudes and understandings of sin and virtue among Catholics today; and how spirituality on television today, in shows such as “Touched by an Angel” and “Joan of Arcadia,” measures up against Church tradition.

The Aquinas Lecture enters its 27th year in 2009. The annual event strives to call attention to the undercurrents of theology as it relates to politics, for example, the arts and business. Recent lectures have addressed the moral decay that led to the corporate scandals of 2001, the conflicting messages about sex in contemporary culture and the Christian tradition, and a critical analysis of Marian tradition.

Through each lecture, each seminar, roundtable and business forum, we are reaching people who want to nourish their faith lives. We are sustaining believers.