Reasons to Give

Four factors distinguish the way in which Aquinas Institute prepares women and men for ministry:

Forming Leaders - Aquinas Institute is meeting the needs of busy ministerial leaders through programs that combine intensive face-to-face seminars and internet instruction.

Inspiring Preachers - There are 168 hours in each week. Most Catholics spend one of them in church. During that hour, they seek the inspiration they hope will help them make sense of the next 167 hours.

Shaping Spirituality - It is paramount today that church leaders are well – psychologically, spiritually and sexually. It is essential for priests, sisters, and women and men in position such as campus minister, teacher or hospital chaplain.

Sustaining Believers - We don't compartmentalize religion. Four walls with stained glass windows do not confine our faith lives. Our spirituality is the fabric of who we are. But while we are spiritual beings, we also are grandparents, accountants, soccer moms and CEOs.