Endowed Gifts

Endowed Gifts

Endowments are permanent funds established to provide annual income for a specific program or purpose. Aquinas Institute of Theology has established endowed gift opportunities in three categories.


Scholarship endowment is Aquinas Institute’s highest priority. This support offers substantial financial aid to bright and promising men and women who have a deep desire to serve the Church. Increased scholarship funding will strengthen our student body, enable student to complete their studies without burdensome debts and ultimately attract more young people to ministry and Church leadership.

With a gift of $100,000 or more Aquinas will name a scholarship after the donor or for someone whom the donor designates. Scholarship recipients of named endowments contact donors annually.

Faculty Chairs

Endowed faculty chairs will enable us to attract and retain excellent faculty and develop new courses and programs. Currently we are seeking funding for three chairs:

The Ashley-O’Rourke Chair in Health Care Ministry Leadership
Aquinas Institute has inaugurated this chair in recognition of the distinguished contributions of Fr. Benedict M. Ashley, O.P., and Fr. Kevin D. O’Rourke, O.P., to theological education and to the ministry of Catholic health care.

Catherine of Siena Chair in Theology
Established in honor of this great Dominican Doctor of the Church, a Dominican woman will occupy this chair.

Dominican Chair in Preaching
This chair will highlight the centrality of preaching in Aquinas Institute’s mission and will be occupied by a Dominican man or woman in the homiletics department.

Academic Excellence

An endowment for academic excellence will provide annual income to strengthen programs and departments. This fund will support sabbaticals, study leaves and colloquia for faculty, faculty research and the development of innovative courses, the creative use of technology for teaching and learning, distinguished visitors and lectures, and new programs to meet the changing needs of the Church.