Application Requirements for Doctor of Ministry in Preaching (DMin)

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Doctor of Ministry in Preaching program at Aquinas Institute of Theology!

Once you have begun your online application to Aquinas, you can return to it at any time before you submit it for review.  Within the application you are able to ask questions of our admissions staff directly.

Aquinas Institute of Theology reviews each application holistically and takes into account all components of the application. If you have concerns about meeting the admission criteria or the application requirements, contact the Admissions Office.

Contact our admissions team at any time at, 314.256.8801, or click here to schedule an appointment.


Spring 2020 March 15, 2020


Admission Criteria

  • Master of Divinity or equivalent
  • Three years’ preaching experience

Application Requirements

1. Online Application

2. Official Transcripts

• Transcripts must come from the issuing institution and may be emailed to or mailed directly to:

Aquinas Institute of Theology
ATTN: Director of Recruitment & Admissions
23 S. Spring Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63108

3. Resume or Curriculum Vitae

  • Your resume or curriculum vitae should include your employment and education history and will be uploaded within the application as Word or PDF document. It is helpful if you highlight relevant ministry, service, and leadership positions you have held.

4. Essay

  • Written application components will be uploaded within the application as a Word or PDF document. Documents should be on single-spaced pages with one-inch margins and twelve-point font.
  • Applicants are required to submit an essay describing their understanding of preaching, their strengths and weaknesses as a preacher, personal and professional influences that have shaped their desire to pursue a Doctor of Ministry in Preaching, and how they foresee Doctor of Ministry in Preaching study affecting your growth as a preacher and your future personal and professional life.

5. Preaching Case Study

  • Applicants to the Doctor of Ministry in Preaching program are required to submit a preaching case study that consists of two parts: a video and a written case study. Select a time when you will be preaching in English in a live liturgical setting and record their preaching. Then, write a case study of this instance of preaching. 
  • Video Case Study:
  • Submit a video recording of your own preaching in English in a live liturgical setting.
  • Note: It is best to use a stationary camera which is positioned close to the preacher. Please test equipment ahead of time in order to assure that we can hear the preaching and see you clearly. Audience shots are not needed.
  • You may either upload the video file or upload the video to YouTube and provide the link to the video.
  • If you are accepted as a member of the Doctor of Ministry in Preaching cohort, this case study will be retained as part of your student Learning Portfolio.
  • Written Case Study:
  • Using the instance of preaching that you recorded as the basis for the case study, submit a written case study of no more than five single-spaced pages, with one-inch margins and twelve-point font. 
  • Clearly mark the following sections:

1. Heading: Name of preacher, date, congregational setting, liturgical context, and lectionary references or scriptural texts used.
2. Journal: A brief journal of your preparation process, including preparation steps, prayer, study, and collaborative preparation.
3. Congregational Analysis: A brief description of the congregation—integrating social and cultural makeup of the congregation and significant events pertinent to their lives.
4. Biblical Hermenutics: A one-page exegesis on at least one of the used scriptural texts, with references to source material.
5. Preacher's Reflections:
a. How does your preaching on these Scriptures make a difference in the faith-life of your congregation?
b. How does this preaching reflect the theological tradition of your denomination?
c. Reviewing your recording, what would you consider to be your greatest strength? Describe also at least one important area where you need further growth.

6. Three letters of recommendation

  • Applicants will provide the names and email addresses of recommenders within the application. Recommenders will receive an email with a reference form they are to fill out. Please be sure that your recommenders are aware of the application deadlines and online process, and choose them carefully to ensure that they can write on your behalf in a timely manner.
  • Applicants will request three (3) recommendations: 1) your most recent employer, supervisor, or pastor, 2) a colleague in ministry, and 3) someone who has heard you preach regularly.

7. Application Fee

  • A non-refundable fee of $100 is required for the application. You can pay the application fee via credit or debit card within the application.