Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies

The Biblical Studies Certificate is designed for people interested in a focused study of scripture at the graduate level. It consists of a three credit foundational course in biblical interpretation followed by four three-credit courses in the various books of the bible plus an additional three-credit elective course.

The certificate can be completed in one to three years, depending on one’s schedule.

This certificate will be useful to RCIA directors, spiritual directors, religion teachers, leaders of adult scripture study, professionals seeking an update in biblical study as well as those who seek to understand the scripture for their personal growth or for their communal participation in the liturgy.

Why would a study of scripture add to my life?
Our relationship with God grows through our understanding of who God is and how God acts in our lives and in our history. The study of scripture gives us a unique opportunity to come to know our God better through God’s Word in the text and above all in Jesus Christ. Our faith will enable us to delight in the God we come to know more personally and more deeply.

Would this study help me get more out of the liturgy?
As Catholics our liturgy is rooted deeply in scripture and the practice of the early Jewish disciples of Jesus. Many Catholics seek to find more meaning in their liturgical prayer. One way to do so is to study the scripture and the rich contexts that shape the prayer of the whole Church.

How do I apply?
To apply, contact the office of admissions and follow the instructions contained in the Application for Admission (168k PDF).

Program Content

The 18 hours of required coursework are distributed as follows:

Certificate in Biblical Studies Course Requirements

Course Title Credit Hours

Foundational Course – Prerequisite
Bible Interpretation


Scripture Electives*




* Students may choose from among the following courses for their electives (each course is 3 credit hours):

  • Torah/Pentateuch
  • Prophets
  • Wisdom Literature
  • The Psalms
  • Synoptic Gospels
  • Johannine Literature
  • Pauline Literature
  • Special Topics in Biblical Studies

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