Aquinas Partners

Ascension Health

Like other Catholic healthcare systems Ascension Health is directed by the Church to care for those most in need. Our Catholic philosophy permeates our national health ministries and our promise to provide Healthcare That Works, Healthcare That is Safe, and Healthcare That Leaves No One Behind.

In support of our healing Mission, and driven by compassion and dedication to care for those most in need, Ascension Health has become a leading voice for Catholic healthcare in the United States.

We envision a future filled with hope for our national health ministries and those we serve. We are dedicated to spiritually centered holistic care, and are advocates for a compassionate and just society. With your continued support and prayers, we have every reason to envision a vibrant future in Catholic health ministry. 

Institute for Pastoral Homiletics

The task of the Institute Pastoral Homiletics (IPH) lies in research work within the fields of the proclamation of faith and evangelizing pastoral work, as well as in imparting these in practice.

The mission of the Dominican Order, namely to help people in their search for life and meaning by virtue of a time-related, church-orientated proclamation, forms the basis of the study encounters, academic colloquia and international conferences carried out by the IPH.

The IPH maintains contacts with institutions at home and abroad.

A long-standing partnership is maintained with the Aquinas Institute in St. Louis (USA) which is promoted by means of regular academic encounters.