Continuous And Effective Communication

Given our extensive global reach, interconnections between Aquinas Institute and its alums, and among alumni themselves, have expanded considerably in the last decade far beyond the sole utilization of the US Postal Service for communication and the rooms of Aquinas Institute for alumni lectures and soirées. Dissemination of alumni information and real-time, face-to-face encounters are now increasingly facilitated through a variety of Internet vehicles and electronic delivery systems.

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Periodic alumni news updates of interest pertaining to past, present and future events and other such information will be sent to all up-to-date, registered Aquinas alumni via targeted email communiques or be made available on select Aquinas Alumni Facebook pages as this information is received in the Office of Alumni. This will involve information such as past and upcoming Aquinas events, notices of alumni and faculty publications, workshops and presentations, personal information such as weddings, births, deaths, and so on, submitted by alums, and other such information of interest. The photos and captions here provide samples of such information along with suggested formats when submitting it to the Office of Alumni.

Congratulations to Lauren Ivory-Smyk (MDiv, 2004) and her husband, on their November, 2014 wedding.

To insure that you are included in these communiques, all alums, and especially those whose emails have changed recently, are encouraged to update their contact information by clicking on the following link.

Fill out the form, and look for future alum updates on those who studied with you at Aquinas.

Congratulations to Sister Teresa Marron, O.P. (MAPS, 1992)
who celebrated her Silver (25th year) Jubilee in August 2015
as a Dominican sister of Springfield, IL.

Alumni wishing to contribute information regarding special events in their lives should email the particulars, along with photos, to George Boudreau, O.P., Director of Alumni, at


Aquinas Weekly E-News includes news on a variety of topics, including announcements of coming Aquinas lectures and workshops, job openings at Aquinas, weekly commentaries on the Sunday lectionary readings, and presentations in the St. Louis area by prominent theologians.

For those alums who are not receiving Aquinas Weekly E-News, which is sent out every Monday morning through email, sign up by clicking on the following link; then fill out and submit the form.

Aquinas Alumni Facebook Group

The Aquinas Alumni Facebook group provides event updates, announcements, photos, videos, and other items of interest to Aquinas Alumni.  Anyone interested in joining this group is encouraged to click on the following link and request membership.

You can follow Aquinas Institute on Twitter at and like us on facebook at

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To keep abreast of the ongoing academic accomplishments of Aquinas alums and faculty, Aquinas posts much of this information in the Weekly E-News and on its Facebook home page. Announcements are also ordinarily found in the “Alumni” section of the Aquinas home page

Kaitlin Hasenbeck-Meyer (MA, 2015) responding October 2014
at St. Louis University’s 5th Annual Newman Convocation on Lumen Gentium

Alumni wishing to contribute information regarding alumni publications, presentations, and other academic events should email the particulars, along with photos, to George Boudreau, O.P., Director of Alumni, at and Kevin Sweeney, Director of Student Services, who manages the Aquinas Facebook page, at



Aquinas Theses Presentations by Recent Aquinas Graduates.

Streaming videos of the last few Aquinas theses presentations are regularly found on the Aquinas home page at:

Dr. Dietra Wise (Baker) (DMin, 2014) challenging the audience at her Doctor of Ministry Thesis Project presentation on “a womanist hermeneutic for all preachers”

Aquinas videos of interest to alumni can be found in several sections of the Aquinas home page. They focus on a variety of topics, including alumni and faculty lectures and awards, the Aquinas Lectures, Aquinas commencement addresses, and so on. The most recent videos of interest can be located by clicking here:


With the job market an ongoing concern for Aquinas students and alums, alumni are encouraged to access the Aquinas list of job openings by clicking on the following link:

Alumni wishing to advertise in Job Listings should email the particulars to