Multi-Denominational, Multi-Ministerial, And Global

Graduation from Aquinas Institute of Theology opens the door to a myriad of ministries and callings. Aquinas graduates have been well-equipped to respond to their calling to preach, to teach, to minister, and to lead in a variety of ecclesiastical and secular settings. Aquinas alums of many faith traditions and denominations can be found in parishes as pastors, preachers, administrators, and an assortment of directors of pastoral care ministries, in hospitals as chaplains and mission integration leaders, in high schools, colleges and universities as administrators, teachers and chaplains, in itinerant preaching, hospice programs, social work organizations, retreat houses, atria for the catechesis of children, counseling centers, houses of spiritual direction, and prisons. In many of these ministries the reach is local, national and international.


Sr. Helen (Adaku) Ogbuji, CCVI (MA/MDiv, 2012), conducts a workshop in Nairobi, Kenya for African religious sisters in charge of formation

Aquinas Institute's graduates have ministered in all 50 states and in countries around the globe. The vast majority of our present alumni live far from the St. Louis area, due mainly to the expected itinerancy of the Dominican men Aquinas has trained since its founding and the more recent surge in enrollment in our at-a-distance (cohort/online/hybrid) degree and certificate programs. We at Aquinas, therefore, are highly challenged both to expand our alumni outreach in order to include all alumni from the United States to Africa to China, and to offer them a continuous intimate connection with us and each other.