Three Specific Ways That Aquinas Can Be Of Help To Our Alumni

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Assistance in Scheduling and Planning Alumni Reunions in Degree and Certificate Programs.

Reunions for Aquinas Alumni in degree and certificate programs have increased in the past few years as graduates 5, 10, 15… years out have sought ways to keep in touch and further strengthen bonds formed at Aquinas. The reunion destinations, time of year, who to invite, venues, duration, and planned activities have varied considerably, but tend to center on a weekend reunion in an agreed upon location.

Master of Arts in Health Care Mission Cohort II Reunion for graduates of 2006 in Seal Beach, CA, February, 2015 (submitted by Terri Maze, MAHCM, 2006)

Aquinas can offer assistance to alums planning reunions for graduates in specific degree and certificate programs, such as providing alumni lists, cities of residence, email addresses, suggestions as to when to begin planning, the do’s and don’ts of organizing the event, etc.

Planning a reunion? Contact George Boudreau, O.P., Director of Alumni, at

Connie May (left) (MA, 1979) has a little reunion of her own in Marion, IA
with Fr. Don Goergen, O.P. (PhD, 1972), her professor from Dubuque days,
along with her husband, Bob (submitted by Connie May).

Assistance in Organization of Retreats.

In lieu of a reunion, some alums choose to plan a retreat instead. Again, the particulars vary with the group. In the case of the Oklahoma City (also Colorado Springs, Kansas City) Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry program, the annual planned weekend combines both retreat and reunion activities.

For assistance in planning your retreat, contact George Boudreau, O.P., Director of Alumni, at

The 8th Annual Oklahoma City MAPM Retreat
at the Spiritual Life Center, Wichita, Kansas, August 2014
Retreat Theme: “Following the Non-violent Jesus”
(submitted by Peggy Hebert, MAPM, 2006)

Dominican Ongoing Life of Study: Announcing the Online Alumni “Back to the Classroom” Series.

Lectures on theological issues of interest to Aquinas alums delivered by Aquinas professors will soon become available to alums in online video presentation format involving both asynchronous and interactive synchronous communication. Each mini-course asynchronous video lecture sent out to participating alums will be followed, a few days later, by an online, hour-long, synchronous (in real time) group discussion session on the issue with the professor. Alumni will be given an opportunity to reconnect with professors and other alums, interact in critical theological conversation with the participants, and engage in group theological reflection on the topic of the mini-course. Topics of interest to alums will be chosen with the intention of augmenting their earlier Aquinas studies with more contemporary theological material, thereby giving Aquinas alums an opportunity to pursue an ongoing life of study, as espoused by Dominicans. So stay tuned!