Making Faith a Career 

Like most people who come to Aquinas Institute of Theology, you may feel called to a career in ministry, but probably don’t know exactly how you will serve. That’s okay. We can help you discern exactly what shape your future will take as you study. You’ll be excited to find that a whole new world of careers rooted in faith and spirituality is emerging.

Deeply rooted in the Dominican tradition, Aquinas Institute brings forth a renewed vision of the Church of the future, and we are building a different corps of ministers than those envisioned even a generation ago. Through practical training and theological study, you can develop a career in ministry as you would develop a career in law, medicine or business — by obtaining a graduate degree.

We have staked our claim on a professional ministry of different faces, many colors, ordained and lay, different faiths, recent college graduates, first and second career seekers, and seminarians, as well as seasoned veterans of life — all contributing to the real needs of our world in a spirit of mutual respect and compassion.

Aquinas Institute strives to model this reality within its own walls and then commission graduates to continue creating that reality in their places of leadership in ministry.