Tuition Rates


2019-2020 Academic Year
Tuition rate, per credit hour (excluding MAHCM and Dmin) $768
EMAHCM tuition, per credit hour/unit $847
DMin tuition, per credit hour $824
Graduate Returning Rate, per credit hour (non-degree seeking only) $256
Human and Spiritual Formation, per unit $768
Spiritual Formation for EMAHCM, per unit $847
Pastoral Year, per credit hour $384
Audit Tuition, per audit hour $491
A change from credit to audit with a refund may be done only during the first two weeks of a class.


  2019-2020 Academic Year
Student Service Fee, per semester $289
Stafford Loan Processing Fee, per semester $25
Payment Plan Fee, per semester $50
Transfer credit, per hour (includes CPE) $75
Late Registration Fee, per week past end of registration period (first semester students exempt) $50
Intensive Fees with Aquinas Provided Lodging
Master’s Programs (CGS and EMAHCM 2017 & 2018) $330
EMAHCM (2019 & 2020) $425
Doctoral $415
Intensive Fees without Aquinas Provided Lodging
Master’s Programs (CGS and EMAHCM 2017 & 2018) $30
EMAHCM (2019 & 2020) $50
Doctoral $40
Application Fees
Master and Certificate Level (payable once in a lifetime) $50
DMin (payable once in a lifetime) $100
Graduation Fees (includes cap and gown rental)
Certificate and Master’s Level $185
DMin $250
Continuation Fees
Certificate and Master’s Level, per semester $77
DMin, per semester $418
Miscellaneous Fees
Credit and Debit Card Convenience Fees 3.1% of total charges
Replacement of ID Card (payable to SLU) $25

SLU may have additional charges for language labs, music lessons, change of registration, or late registration.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

All tuition and fees are due at the beginning of the term and are payable in U.S. currency by cash, check or credit card (Master Card or Visa). Diplomas and transcripts will not be released if a student’s financial account is in arrears. Payment programs are available for those who need them. A $20.00 per credit hour processing fee is charged on payment plans and payment plan payments must be made electronically by credit card or by electronic transfer from a checking or savings account.

Withdrawals and Refunds

Approved withdrawals from a course or from Aquinas Institute of Theology may entitle you to a tuition refund. Fees are not refunded in the case of a withdrawal. Tuition is refunded according to the following schedule:

For Regular Semesters

Prior to the end of Percent of Tuititon Refund
Second week 100%
Third week 80%
Fourth week 70%
Fifth week 60%
Sixth week 40%
After sixth week 0%

For Cohort program courses

Prior to the end of Percent of Tuititon Refund
First full week 100%
Second full week 80%
Third full week 60%
Fourth full week 40%
After fourth week 0%

For Modular or Summer Courses

Prior to the end of Percent of Tuititon Refund
First full week 60%
Second full week 40%
Third full week 0%


Refunds due will be made only after federal and state regulations have been met. Financial aid is adjusted according to the refund policy. Requests for exception to the refund policy should be made in writing to the business manager. Reasons for the refund should be included in the request.

Follow this link for Gainful Employment Disclosure information about Aquinas Institute's Graduate Certificate Programs, made available according to federal guidelines.