Scholarships and Grants

At Aquinas Institute of Theology, we work closely with accepted graduate students to assess the availability of merit- and need-based scholarships to fund their studies.

Scholarship Opportunities

Full Tuition Scholarships: The Aquinas Scholars

In the spirit of our patron, St. Thomas Aquinas, the Dominican saint and doctor of the Church, Aquinas Institute of Theology is proud to offer The Aquinas Scholars program. This program provides multiple full-tuition, merit-based scholarships for full-time, residential students in the following programs:

The Aquinas Scholars program also provides a stipend for books and housing, as well as work-study opportunities. If you have questions about or would like to apply to The Aquinas Scholars program, click here for more details. You may also contact our Admissions team at or 314-256-8801.

Partial-Tuition Scholarships: Merit & Need-Based


Aquinas offers limited merit-based, partial-tuition scholarships to new applicants in all degree and certificate programs. If you have questions about merit-based scholarships, contact our Admissions team at or 314-256-8801.


Aquinas offers several need-based, partial-tuition scholarships to both new applicants and current students. Students must follow the instructions provided here to apply for need-based aid.

Students must be enrolled in a degree program or certificate to be eligible for need-based aid. Students must first be admitted to Aquinas prior to being reviewed for financial aid.

If students believe the financial aid decision does not accurately reflect their need, they may request another review. The request must be submitted in writing to the Financial Aid Office and should clearly state your reasons for an appeal. An appeal does not guarantee additional assistance.

Federal Aid

Aquinas Institute of Theology’s financial aid and loan policy reflects our commitment to helping students pursue graduate theological study and careers of ministry and service to the Church. Although it may be necessary to borrow money, Aquinas urges students to do so with great care and only apply for loans that are financially necessary.

Our team is committed to help students apply for aid as needed. Contact our team if you need assistance in applying for federal aid at or by calling 314-256-8800.

Academic Progress

Students must remain in good academic standing, (maintain a GPA of 3.00 or “B”) to remain eligible for financial aid. If a student falls below this standard he or she will have one semester on probation in which to return to good standing. If the student does not achieve good standing during that semester, they will be ineligible for future aid. However, they may reapply if they eventually meet the academic requirements of their program.

Contact Info:

Phone: 314.256.8800