Application to Aquinas Institute of Theology

Once you have begun your online application to Aquinas, you can return to it at any time before you submit it for review.  While completing your application you will also be able to ask questions of our admissions staff directly from the application screens, attach documents or files for review, and pay your application deposit.

Application Materials

In order to apply to Aquinas Institute please be prepared to:

*Complete the Online Application

*Supply Two Writing Samples


The Personal Assessment is an important part of your application for admissions to Aquinas Institute of Theology.  It should not exceed 1000 words. Use the essay to:

        * Articulate your vocational goals, intellectual and pastoral interests,
        * Assess your personal strengths and weaknesses for theology and ministry,
        * Note theological and ministerial questions that spark your interest and may offer insight into your reasons for applying to Aquinas Institute of Theology


    A Reflection Paper on one of the quotations presented below that have been taken from “Wellspring of Hope, “ a chapter in Sing a New Song (Template, 1999), by Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, O.P. This reflection should be no longer than 700-words.

    Please select any one of the following quotes:

        a. “Study is a way to holiness, which opens our hearts and minds to each other, builds community and forms us as those who confidently proclaim the coming of the Kingdom.” (page 54)

        b. “The intellectual discipline of our study has this ultimate purpose, to bring us to this moment of conversion when our false images of God are destroyed so that we may draw near to the mystery.” (page 64)

        c. “We can never say an illuminating word about God unless we do theology differently, uncompetitively and with reverence. One cannot do theology alone.” (page 70)

    Your reflection should address the following questions:

        What does this quote mean to you?
        What do you find challenging about this quote?
        What do you find comforting?
        What can this quote mean in your community and/or ministerial context?


*Submit Three Letters of Recommendation (applicants from religious orders must submit one letter from your religious superior or current formation director)

*Send the results of the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or Graduate Record Examination (or GRE)

*Provide Official transcripts

*Submit a Non-refundable application fee

*Schedule an interview with the admissions director (in person, via phone, or via web conferencing)

Program Specific Requirements

Please note that some Aquinas programs have unique admission requirements.  The Doctor of Ministry in Preaching, the Executive Master of Arts in Health Care Mission, and our Spiritual Direction Certificate require additional (or unique) application materials.  Please reference the full online application for additional instructions and information.

Three letters of recommendation from:
    * your most recent employer, supervisor, or pastor
    * a colleague in ministry
    * an individual who has heard you preach frequently

Non-refundable fee of $100

Writing Sample
In place of the essays required of the other programs, please submit:
    * an essay of no more than two pages, describing your understanding of preaching, your strengths and weaknesses as a preacher, personal and professional influences that have shaped your desire to pursue a Doctor of Ministry in Preaching, and how you foresee Doctor of Ministry in Preaching study affecting your growth as a preacher and your future personal and professional life.

    * Additional essay questions (to be answered in brief) concerning:
        • Dedicated Study Time
        • Pulpit Access
        • Change of Ministry
        • Computer Proficiency and Internet Access

Preaching Case Study
Please submit a video of your own preaching in a live liturgical setting.  This video may be uploaded (or linked) directly in the application.  Applicants will also be asked to submit a written reflection on the preaching presented in the video.

Applicants to the EMAHCM program will write a 1000 word essay explaining why you are interested in this program and why you believe theological education is important to the future of Catholic health ministry. In addition, explain how you see participation in this program affecting your career goals.

It is expected that letters of recommendation provided should come from colleagues, supervisors, or religious leaders familiar with your experience and leadership potential in Catholic health care.

For applicants to the Certificate in Spiritual Direction program, be prepared to answer questions regarding your background in receiving and giving spiritual direction.  

One of the letters of recommendation provided must come from your current spiritual director.

International Students

International applications must submit:

Please submit any of the following documents:  
A. A letter from a four-year undergraduate institution or a degree-granting graduate institution attesting that courses were conducted in English. This letter should accompany the applicant’s transcript.
B. Proof of having completed at least two years of an “English as a Second Language” program at an institution with accreditation recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.
C. Test of English proficiency, either the TOEFL or the IELTS tes