Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Care

The Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Care is an 18-hour graduate level ministerial program designed to build upon the student’s ministerial gifts in preparation for pastoral service in the Church and society.

The goal of the program is to enhance the ministry of those offering pastoral care by increasing their knowledge and skills through the study of current theological thought from a pastoral perspective and through supervised experiences of pastoral practice. The certificate is not a license to practice pastoral care but evidence of pastoral care training.

With this certificate, where can I serve?

Well prepared for pastoral service to the Church and society, graduates work in hospitals, hospice organizations, churches and social service organizations.

How do I apply?

To apply, follow the instructions contained in the Application for Admission (417k PDF).

Program Content

The 18 hours of required coursework are distributed as follows:

Certificate in Pastoral Care Course Requirements

Course Title Credit Hours
Pastoral Theology
Foundations of Pastoral Care 3
Pastoral Electives 6
Human & Spiritual Formation
Human & Spiritual Formation I 2 units
Professional Ministerial Formation
Supervised Practice of Ministry I 3
Supervised Practice of Ministry II 3
In any area desired 3

Follow this link for Gainful Employment Disclosure information about Aquinas Institute's Graduate Certificate Programs, made available according to federal guidelines.