Carla Mae Streeter, O.P.Carla Mae Streeter, O.P., Th.D. and S.T.D.

Professor Emerita of Systematic Theology


  • S.T.L., (Faculty of Theology Regis College 1986)
  • Th.D., (Conjointly conferred by Faculty of Theology Regis College and the University of Toronto, 1986)


"My approach is to focus on function, or doing theology operatively. This means that I always push for an explanation of how a particular belief operates in the life of the person. You might say I search for what an orthopraxis might look like and make sure the explanations of it are orthodox, or in sync with the deepest traditions of the faith community. I’ve found this approach to be quite meaningful to students of various ages, helping them to close the gap between belief and practice."

I’m interested in the dialogue between theology and the sciences – both the natural and the human sciences, and on interfaith dialogue. The natural world provides images galore for theological reflection, and when each discipline is respected in its own field, the interaction can be exciting. The social and psychological sciences are vital in doing theology today. Without some reference to them, it is hard to do theology functionally. I’m also convinced that systematic theology will renew itself in dialogue with world religions, for in such a dialogue questions will be asked which will open up avenues and explanations committed Christians have not yet explored.

I greatly enjoy reading, especially fantasy, science, and alternative and mainline medicine. I like to make my own greeting cards and I play a mean accordion! I also travel to oppressed countries when occasion presents itself to ground my theological reflection and teaching.

Invites into the Classroom

Members of the St. Louis Interfaith Community, especially Muslims with whom I have invited students to dialogue for many years.

Selected Publications

  • Talking About God in Today's Culture. Know You Know Media, 2014. 12 Lectures on 4 DVD's
  • The Human and the Holy: Foundations of Spirituality: Know You Know Media, 2010. 24 Lectures on 9 CD's.
  • Seasons of the Soul: An Intimate God in Liturgical Time, New City Press, 2012
  • Foundations of Christian Spirituality-The Human and the Holy: A systematic approach.  Collegeville, Liturgical Press, 2012
  • “The Sacred Story", The Catholic Teacher, March, 2009: 48-53.
  • “Gaudium et Spes: (Joy and Hope) The Church in the Modern World 43 Years Later,” Institute For Theological Encounter With Science and Technology,40:2 (Spring 2009): 3-9.
  • “Crafting New Categories for Interfaith Dialogue,” Festschrift in Honor of Benedict Ashley, OP. Richard A. Peddicord, ed. Bloomington, IN: Authorhouse, 2007: 215-238.
  • “Technology and Human Becoming: The Virtual and the Virtuous,” inComputers, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality: Social, Moral, Philosophical and Theological Implications. Robert Brungs, SJ and Marianne Postiglione, RSM eds. St Louis: ITEST FaithScience Press, 2005: 82-93.
  • “Organism, Psyche, Spirit – Some Clarifications: Towards an Anthropological Framework for Working with the Neuro-Psycho-Sciences.”  Advances in Neuroscience: Social, Moral, Philosophical and Theological Implications. Institute for Theological Encounter with Science and Technology (ITEST), St. Louis, 2003.
  •  Lonergan Wordbook: A Primer of Lonergan Terminology

Pending Publications

  •  A Rabbi and a Theologian-From Disputation to Dialog:Feminine Interfaith Conversations with Rabbi Susan Talve, Central Reform Congregation, St. Louis.